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83 lbs


90" x 19" x 43"


Glide Board Total Home Gym

Have you ever longed for home exercise equipment that didn't take up a lot of floor space or require a closet full of dumbbells or other fitness odds and ends? Well, there is a solution.

Total Gym uses the incline glider concept to put dozens of gym-grade exercises in one space-saving piece of equipment. There are no bands, plates, dumbbells or expensive accessories.

All you need to get a full-body workout, exercise intensity levels that would excite a personal trainer, is your body and the Total Gym XLS.

Total Gym XLS Overview

Total Gym Global Corp has a number of specific patents on various types of exercise equipment and accessories. One of the most well-known is their version of the incline glide exercise machine.

Total Gym Global Corp manufactures models of varying levels of versatility. The Total Gym XLS is one of their sturdiest and most versatile incline gliders. In one space-saving, foldable piece of exercise equipment, you'll be able to do over 80 exercises.

It would take a bulky machine or a wall full of dumbbells and weights to match the XLS for versatility. But, you also don't want a machine that wobbles around when you really want to ramp up the intensity level.

This machine stays put and stays stable. The Total Gym XLS is a machine that stakes its reputation on stability and versatility. Here's a deeper look into one of the most popular incline glider exercise machines you will find.

Total Gym XLS Features

Incline Glider Pulley System
Incline gliders use a pulley system and flat glide board. You adjust the angle of the board tilt to use your body weight and the forces of gravity to create resistance. The greater the angle of pull, the more you activate gravity.

This is how we increase the level of intensity for different exercises using an incline glider. The Total Gym XLS blends a sturdy machine with a rotating pulley system. With your own body weight and the effects of gravity, you can perform over six-dozen exercises.

What makes the XLS unique?
Total Gym made a few changes to the XLS from other models. One key change was the width of the glide board. The Total Gym XLS is 19-inches wide, nearly two-inches wider than many incline gliders. The board has raised pads at both ends for various body positions.

The wider glide board reduces any side-to-side balance issue some people may experience using incline gliders. The wide glide also increases the ability to do certain side-to-side core exercises. This wider glide board was a tremendous improvement.

Another key part of an incline glider is the track and frame that support the board. When these are made using an inferior-grade metal, there can be a wobble effect. Thinner support poles reduce the smoothness of the glide.

Durable Build - 400 lb Weight Capacity 
Total Gym made sure this glide on the XLS is strong enough to handle all workout intensity levels. The extra strong tubular steel frame and glide system are guaranteed for life. Since the glide frame is the most important part of the machine, this is a tremendous advantage.

There is another benefit of a wider glide board and robust frame. The user capacity rating for the Total Gym XLS is 400 pounds. This is outstanding. You will feel comfortable and secure on this machine no matter how intense your training regimen is.

The Total Gym XLS also made improvements to the squat stand. They increased the size of the footrest and enhanced the no-slip surface. Another key upgrade improved the smooth action of the pulley system.

Each pulley wheel is slightly larger to reduce friction. The cables have an added 20 percent more tinsel strength. This combination dramatically improves the consistently smooth motion of each exercise move.

There will be no sensation of the pulleys sticking. This is especially critical for anyone using the Total Gym XLS for rehabilitation. There are wide grip handles that will rotate. This totally removes any unnatural resistance on your wrists.

80 Exercises
It also permits unique types of exercise moves that add intensity by turning over your wrists. You will be able to get a full range of motion on dozens of different exercises. There is a pair of ankle cuffs to that strap on securely and comfortably.

The Total Gym XLS isn't just a machine that targets your upper body. You can build muscle and improve endurance from your head to your toes. There is an additional AbCrunch attachment to expand the exercises for your core.

Many people might be confused about how the incline glide system can replace exercise machines or fitness equipment. Total Gym supplies answers to all of those questions as well. As part of the Total Gym XLS package, you get an exercise chart poster and a deck of Total Gym® Training Cards.

Now, reading a chart and following the instructions for the exercises isn't difficult. However, with the purchase of a new Total Gym XLS package, you get free access to Total Gym® TV. This is a 24/7 streaming service for any device.

Through their on-demand video platform, you'll have access to various Total Gym workout programs. This is a perfect supplement for the beginner, but also has features that the most ardent fitness expert will appreciate.

If space was one of your issues when looking for a home gym, you'll find the last feature we mention to be significant. The XLS folds up at two points for convenient vertical storage. You still need ample floor space to work out, but the XLS's vertical storage footprint is minimal.

The Total Gym XLS is the most complete incline glide home gym. It takes a foldable piece of equipment and turns your home into a fitness club-quality workout option. Let's take a look at a few XLS advantages and mention a couple disadvantages to keep in mind.


  • The Full 19-inch wide glider board improves stability tremendously. This wide glide board fits comfortably between your shoulders, but adds sturdy support for various press and fly exercises from your back. It is extremely valuable for the variety of intense kneeling exercises.
  • There is a lifetime warranty on the frame and the welds. If you want a machine that will handle an easy beginner workout, but will never stop you from progressing to the most intense advanced training programs, the Total Gym XLS is built for you.
  • The Total Gym XLS arrives totally assembled, so there is no need for tools or equipment. You might need an extra pair of hands to get everything set up the first time, but once you get your XLS positioned, you fold and unfold it from vertical storage in a snap.
  • There are six positions for the glide board, which provide resistance levels from beginner to advanced training programs. Besides the increasing angle of your body to add more gravitational resistance, the wide glide board lets you shift your body from seated to kneeling. This adds even more versatility to the gravitational resistance you can apply.
  • You can fold the Total Gym XLS up after each workout and wheel it out of sight. The XLS can roll up against a convenient wall, or easily slide into a medium–sized closet become completely out-of-sight.


  • Gravity resistance incline gliders are perfect for most training aspirations, but it is difficult to build bulk muscle on them. Power lifters and body builders find incline gliders great options for muscle toning and maintenance, but it is difficult to duplicate weight resistance gains.
  • While the Total Gym XLS folds up nicely for vertical storage, you do need a reasonable amount of floor space for the unfolded machine and cable range of motion. The space requirements are not as much as full weight machines, but you should account for this.
  • Sometimes incline glide machines take time to get used to the feel of gravitational resistance. These machines are often used for physical rehab work, so they are joint-friendly once the user becomes accustomed to setting the proper angle of gravitational resistance.
  • While you can find cheaper incline gliders on the market, the Total Gym XLS is somewhat more costly than these more limited models. Total Gym has other models that do not provide quite the level of versatility for anyone on a restricted budget.

The Final Verdict

The Total Gym XLS is a versatile alternative for a home gym. It provides dozens of health-club intensity exercises, but takes up a fraction of the floor space that bulky resistance and weight machines require. The Total Gym XLS will get you in shape and help you stay in shape.

There are some important improvements made to the XLS that enhance stability and add versatility. With a lifetime warranty on the frame, this machine is built to last and built to perform. Your Total Gym XLS package comes assembled, so you can be in the middle of your first workout in less than 30-minutes.

You can research all types and styles of exercise machines and home fitness equipment. But, if you're looking for an all-purpose, space-saving piece of equipment that offers over 80 exercises, you can be confident that the Total Gym XLS is your machine.

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