Total Gym FIT vs XLS Product Comparison

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Total Gym is recognized for its commitment to giving you all of the best gear, which is set to make your preparation and exercise meetings fascinating and compelling. By reclassifying strategies utilized by individuals everywhere throughout the world to achieve wellness, they have thought of two famous pieces that offer astounding advantages.

The vast majority who are in the market searching for home exercise instruments will encounter a difficulty in picking between the Total Gym Fit or the XLS. Both of these things come enthusiastically prescribed because of their all-inclusive versatility and convenience by individuals of various sizes. They additionally oblige clients at different degrees of wellness.

Right now, consider the individual highlights of every one of the machines, for example, the size, work, frill, get together, and support.

We additionally evaluate the upsides and downsides that you are probably going to involvement in the acquisition of either thing utilizing tables.

Comparison Chart







Weight Capacity

400 lbs

450 lbs

Number of Exercises




 51" x 19"  x 9" 

 50.5” x 18.5” x 8.5”  


Overview: Total Gym Fit

Upon getting this Total Gym XLS, you can begin turning out promptly since it comes prepared to utilize. The absence of get together needs makes it helpful for the individuals who are not learned about parts. Additionally, it essentially spares time.

You get six degrees of obstruction, and this gives you space to develop through your exercises. The alterations you make in opposition can be an approach to illuminate your advancement in limit building. This 68lbs gear accompanies three connections.

Whatever your exercise objective, there is an activity fit for you with XLS. You get 80 unique activities, and you can concentrate on whichever one lines up with what you need. You get a lifetime guarantee on the edge and a guarantee of a half year on the parts.

The XLS has a 400lbs weight limit and can, in this way, be utilized by countless individuals. On the off chance that you are hoping to begin your wellness venture, this comes as an enthusiastically prescribed other option.

Besides, on the off chance that you don't know where to begin, this model accompanies three DVDs to control you.

Total Gym FIT Bundle Discount

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Overview: Total Gym XLS

Other than coming completely amassed and prepared to utilize, it additionally gives you a huge assortment of alternatives. It has 12 degrees of obstruction, which proves to be useful with the movement of your body limit.

Likewise, you can do 85 distinct activities on it. This gives you range and choices which you select dependent on your objectives.

This model likely could be viewed as a more up to date form of the XLS. The weight limit is 450lbs making it all the more pleasing to adaptable clients, and you get a two-year service agreement on parts and lifetime inclusion on the casing.

It is additionally comprehensive of six DVDs, which help you in beginning. The model gauges 66lbs and accompanies four connections.

Total Gym XLS
Total Gym XLS

Total Gym XLS Bundle Discount

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Similarities and Differences

Both machines share the following features:

  • Both include the ability to perform over 85 exercises.
  • The unit weight of these machines is roughly the same.
  • These machines have the same amount of durability.
  • These machines both have well-fastened handles.


  • The Total Gym XLS has only 6 resistance levels, as opposed to the Total Gym Fit's 12 resistance levels.
  • At 400 pounds, The Total Gym XLS has a lower weight limit than the Total Gym Fit's 450 pounds.
  • The Total Gym XLS includes only 5 exercise DVD's, as opposed to the Total Gym Fit's 6 DVS's.
  • The Total Gym XLS includes only 3 excess attachments and tools as opposed to the Total Gym Fit's 4 extra attachments with tools

Pros & Cons of the Total Gym XLS


  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Has a very space-savvy design.
  • Includes 5 exercise DVD's.
  • Includes over 80 exercise options.
  • Is very cost-effective.


  • This machine only has 6 resistance levels, as opposed to the Total Gym Fit's 12 resistance levels.
  • At 400 pounds, it has a lower weight limit than the Total Gym Fit's 450 pounds.
  • This machine has very few add-ons in comparison to the Total Gym Fit.

Pros & Cons of the Total Gym Fit


  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Has 12 levels that you can adjust between to make your workouts more or less intense.
  • Has double the resistance level of the Total Gym XLS.
  • Can hold users that weigh up to 450 pounds.
  • Comes with great add-ons such as a padded backrest.
  • Is very sturdy, quiet, and comfortable.


  • Is much more expensive than the Total Gym XLS.
  • Does not include the DVD for pilates that the Total Gym XLS includes.

Bottom Line

You Should Consider the XLS if:

+ You prefer the more affordable option

+You prefer having the DVD and guided workout videos.

You Should Consider the FIT if:

+ You have a higher budget

+ You prefer a slightly sturdier machine.

+ You require higher resistance levels.

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