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18.5" x 50.5"  x 8.5"


Glide Board Home Gym

The Total Gym FIT is a home gym solution that enables you to get a full-body workout without a large amount of equipment. The Total Gym FIT allows you to do 85 different resistance exercises with one relatively compact machine. The Total Gym performs this magic by using your own body weight instead of barbells.

The Total Gym FIT is for users who are looking for a whole-body resistance workout who are primarily concerned with maintaining their fitness. While it isn't the best choice for building large muscles, it does help you gain strength.

The Total Gym FIT

The FIT comes at end of a long line of Total Gym products stretching back to 1974. Since the early 90's, martial artist Chuck Norris and actress Christie Brinkley have pitched Total Gym machines on late-night TV and infomercials.

These popular machines use your own body-weight for resistance. You simply lay on the Total Gym and move various handles and cuffs connected to the backrest to exercise.

You can change resistance levels by increasing the angle of backrest against the machine's frame.

The beauty of this machine is that there are no weights to drop and one machine can provide a large number of exercise routines. The Total Gym FIT can perform over 85 different exercises and support users who weigh up to 450 lbs. 

Total Gym XLS Features

The FIT package comes with:
  • 2 wing attachments for upper body work
  • 2 leg cuff attachments for lower body exercise
  • Ribbed squat stand
  • Wall chart with 35 different exercises
  • Deck of exercise cards for reference
  • Full nutrition guide
  • Free subscription to Total Gym TV streaming workout programs (Basic)
  • Workout program with 6 DVDs
  • Backrest and Frame
    The 18" inch backrest is both well-cushioned for comfort and wider than most gym machines. Unless you have a particularly large frame or are very large, you shouldn't have a problem fitting on the machine.

    The backrest slides up and down the steel frame in a smooth action that will remind you of a high-quality gym machine. You change resistance levels by removing a pin at the back and sliding the backrest up or down. As the angle increases, the resistance increases. You can set the Total Gym FIT to 12 different resistance levels that vary between 6% and 63% of your body weight.

    Total Gym TV
    This in an on-demand platform that will provide you access to streaming workout programs directly from Total Gym. You get a basic subscription free with the Total Gym FIT, which allows you to choose 7 different exercise programs. You can access even more workouts by paying extra every month for the premium TV subscription package.

    Total Gym TV adds three new workout programs per month and 50 new premium workouts every year. If you crave a variety of workouts, the Total Gym FIT gives you plenty of inspiration.

    Exercise DVDs
    The Total Gym comes with 6 DVDs of classic workouts that you can perform with the machine. While effective, these workouts are a bit dated. Even so, they'll give you a good start on using the Total Gym FIT. Combined with the Total Gym TV basic subscription, you shouldn't have any trouble figuring out how to perform exercises.

    Wall Chart and Exercise Cards
    The FIT also comes with a handy wall chart and deck of exercise cards with a holder on the machine. These detail 35 common exercises you can do with the Total Gym FIT so you have them on hand for quick reference. That way, you don't have to find the exercise on the DVDs or check the streaming TV service to make sure you're using the correct form.

    Add-on Accessories
    Total Gym provides a wide variety of add-on attachments that enable you to do even more exercises than the 85 exercises the FIT can do right out of the package. These include an ab crunch attachment, a cyclo attachment that lets you use the Total Gym as a bicycle trainer and a roller for myo-fascial release along with other options.

    If there's a body part you specifically want to work, the Total Gym likely has an available add-on to address it.

    The Total Gym folds to a mere 8.5" high, which is flat enough that you can store the machine under most typical bedframes. The only caveat here is that the machine is fairly heavy and bulky. It also doesn't come with wheels on the frame to help. You might need two people to easily move it around. The shipping weight of the machine is 105 lbs.

    Unfolded, the Total Gym FIT occupies 19.5" x 93" x 44.5" of space. While not exactly small, it's pretty compact machine given all of the things you can do with it.

    The FIT comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and a 2-year warranty on all parts. An added bonus is the machine is delivered fully assembled. 


    • The FIT is a great option for someone looking for a whole-body resistance workout that can be performed on only one machine. It even has attachments that allow you to turn it into an aerobic trainer, though that isn't its main function.
    • For the home user that isn't familiar with workout routines, the Total Gym FIT package comes with plenty of instructions to help you along. There are so many programs available that it's suitable for beginners as well as people with a lot of experience.
    • Total Gym TV offers a constant source of new workouts. Your routines won't get stale because Total Gym trainers incorporate the latest fitness information into their routines. Further, with different levels of resistance, you should have enough variety to progressively develop your strength.
    • One of the best parts of Total Gym exercise machines is that they're safe. There are no weights to drop as you work out.


    • The no. 1 downside of the FIT is it's price. The machine costs $1,600 from the Total Gym direct-buy site. If you want any of the add-on accessories along with Total Gym TV Premium, you could easily spend $2,000.
      For a lot of people, that's pretty steep price. Of course, you can probably do away with your gym membership (which will also mean burning less gas for driving).
    • The FIT isn't an ideal exercise system for someone who wants to substantially increase their muscle mass. For that purpose, a bodybuilding gym and free weights are a better option. The reason is that the Total Gym limits resistance to %63 of your body weight. To get max strength increases for large muscle group like your legs and shoulders, more resistance is usually recommended to maximize your gains. 
    • Also, if you want to engage in an extensive cardio exercise program, there are far better machines designed for that specific purpose than the Total Gym FIT. However, the exercise videos and programs do show you how to get significant cardio benefit from the FIT.

    The Final Verdict

    If you're looking for a safe home resistance machine that can give you a whole-body workout, I would heartily recommend the total Gym FIT. With the many workout routines that come with the FIT and access to new streaming routines, your workouts should never become repetitive. The wide variety of add-on accessories allow you to rest assured that if you find a new exercise protocol you wish to use, the Total Gym FIT can help.

    If such a machine seems right for you, then you should check out the Total Gym FIT.

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