Should A Home Gym Have A Window?

Exercise is great for your health. However, what some people don’t realize is how dirty an area can get when you start working out in it. Commercial gyms have constant cleaning and large windows to let in air and light. So should your home gym have a window as well?

Windows are a great addition to any home gym. It is a natural and basically free way to get light and air flow into a room that will need it. However, if you can’t build your gym in a room with access to a window it’s fine with other methods of ventilation and lighting.

We’ll go through the reasons why windows are a good thing to have for your home gym as well as strategies to build a gym in the best place possible.

Do Gyms Need Windows For Health Reasons?

Doing exercise is going to make you sweat. This is especially the case with certain workouts that will really push your heart rate up and raise your body temperature.

The most common spot for a home gym is in a spare room or garage and this cramped space may need ventilation. When picking your home gym location, think about air flow and lighting.

Musty, dark rooms are not conducive to good health. Good air flow combined with natural lighting is going to help kill most of the bacteria and other nasties that will create issues. Plan where you can take advantage of natural aspects of your workout space to maximize these.

Mold can be a serious health hazard and loves to grow in damp areas. If you live in an area with lots of humidity, then you need to ensure proper ventilation. Not only will this prevent heat related issues impacting your workout, but can help reduce mold.

However, even just your workouts will generate a lot of moisture that can lead to mold. Ensure you are wiping down equipment and not leaving damp materials such as towels laying around.

Mold not only is bad for your health but the same processes that lead to mold also smell terrible. This means that your home gym can have a stink hanging around it which is hard to remove.

So the first and foremost step for setting up the gym is to clean the area first thoroughly. Sanitize the gym area at least once and remove dirt or dust from the floor. By keeping good ventilation and a regular cleaning schedule you can make sure your workout goes great.

Why Do We Need Windows In A Gym?

Windows may be mandated by local regulations for certain situations. Indoor exercise can produce a lot of waste heat and moisture which needs to be vented out via a window.

The installation of a window may bring up other issues. For example, certain walls have electrical wiring or other pipes to be addressed.

If you have enough space for a home gym, it’s typically in an area that you were using as storage. Make sure that any chemicals are properly closed up and stored away. Leave the window or other ventilation channel open to remove any of these smells.

On top of that, workout equipment tends to have a specific smell that you will not want to let sit. This can range from the rubber smell from mats and some dumbbells to the sweat from the workout that seeped in through the bench or arm rests.

What Are Good Alternatives To Windows?

There are similar arrangements to be done so that you don’t feel hot while working out. Fans and air conditioners can help lower the temperature and humidity. Encourage air flow out of the home gym and into an area where it will get vented away.

Make sure you have plenty of light in your home gym. The best is natural light streaming in through skylights or other sources, however for those late evening workouts then overhead lights may work best.

Lighting is also important so that you can see yourself exercise. Making sure your form is correct will not only prevent injury but also get you results quicker. Combine a large mirror with great lighting and you’ve got yourself a perfect home gym setup for success.

Home gyms are built in garages so often because of the space available. The ability to open the garage door to let in even more light and ventilation further solidify it as one of the best locations for a home gym.

How Do I Build A Good Home Gym?

Building a good home gym will take preparation, creativity, and time. Consider how much space you will require to properly perform the workouts. Get a week’s worth of workouts organized and consider what equipment and space are required to do the program.

If you’re looking at equipment, find out the dimensions and ensure everything fits. One method is to use cardboard or hang replica workout equipment from the ceiling so you can get a 3D model of your home gym before you move everything in there.

Clean out any potential room thoroughly to maximize the potential area. Take the opportunity to get rid of junk you no longer need to discover more underutilized space in your house.

Look for room features that will help the workouts such as windows, mirrors, electrical outlets, and solid floors.

Sourcing gym equipment such as weights and machines is likely going to be an expensive process. Consider trying to find second hand weights or gym equipment that allow you to go and pick it up. New items that require shipping are going to be very expensive.

Garage sales and online marketplaces are the best places to look. Most people will not want to take fitness equipment when they move so searching for terms like ‘moving sale’ are likely to get good results.

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