How Much Space Do You Need for a Home Gym

The home gym has become one of the more popular upgrades. For most homes, it is just a matter of finding a room that works for the gym, but the size of the room depends on how much equipment the person requires. Once the equipment is known, it is easy to determine how much space is required.

 Homeowners are always looking for ways to make life better and add to the value of their homes. A home gym can not only make them feel better and healthier but also add to the value of the home if done correctly.

How Big Is Your Gym?

The size of the home gym depends on the amount of equipment that will fill the space. The key here is that different people have different workouts, and the gym has to accommodate that workout.

While some people are just looking for a space for a yoga session while others have a full workout planned. There are also other considerations to debate, such as a television or a music system, or even plants and an aroma center. By looking at all of these options it is easy to determine just how big the space needs to be.

1. The Yoga Room

It used to be that the yoga session was pretty simple to allow for; all you needed was a mat that you would lay out in front of the television and then just followed along with the videotape.

However, as setting the mood became more important, it became important to set aside a space for the session so that it would be easier to get into the mood in order to make the session easier. This had the side benefit of allowing the person to relax easier and thus gain more benefit from the session.

The basic session only needs space to put out a mat. If the person is also using video for recorded lessons, then that space needs to be allowed for a large television screen; fortunately, this does not require a lot of space.

However, as noted some people like to set a mood, and so additional space is needed for the equipment in question; this can include anything from a candle or two, a full-on aroma center, or even a music center. As far as space goes, this does not require more than a walk-in closet or a small room, or about 5’x10′.

2. The Smaller Exercise Room

Some people meditate using action rather than slow, repetitive motions, and so require a little more space. While some routines require as much space as a yoga session, others require a little more space for a set of weights or an exercise bike, sometimes a little of both.

Also, size is a way to combat the smell of perspiration; the volume of the room and a fan can help kill the smell. Throw in the potential for a decent music system or television, and the room required is about the size of a small room.

Fortunately, the room is somewhat focused and will usually only have one or two types of exercise equipment.

There are some issues to consider here about the size of the space. Air circulation is definitely going to be a consideration, even with a fan. The television and sound system should not require a lot of room. More importantly, the type of weights is another issue, as a weight bench takes up some spaces well as the weights used with it. Exercise bikes themselves come in a variety of sizes ranging from the simple in-place cycle to one with full screens; make sure that room is allowed for that. Some exercise rooms will also have space for a mat for push-ups and sit-ups. This usually requires about 10’10’, or about the size of a small room.

3. The Medium-Sized Exercise Room

This is the room where it starts to become a little serious. This room is about the size of the stereotypical teenage boy’s exercise room as it allows for better air circulation and multiple people to work out at the same time.

This room will have a more visible sound system; the idea is to have large visible speakers, with the more vibration the better. The room is also likely to have two or three exercise areas. The idea is to either allow several people to exercise at the same time with space for everyone or to have some decent space for the equipment.

As noted, the room will have two or three exercise systems rather than just two. There should also be some space between the systems, allowing for room for multiple people. 

It will also have a couple of fans and a sound system with actual speakers; most of the smaller rooms have only had small speakers in order to create ambient sound while now the vibrations from the speakers need to be felt, especially if the room is used by adolescents. A small fridge is also appreciated. All told, the room should be about the size of a medium room, or about 10’x15′.

4. The Large Exercise Room

Some people need a little more. They take their exercise seriously, and so like having multiple options; they have different exercise routines for different days, and so tend to use different equipment for different days.

This means that they will have some room between the systems; the systems will include a variety of free weights to allow for different routines and the space to use them, a weight bench, a mat for push-ups and sit-ups, and possibly a bike or other equipment. There is likely to a rest area, with its own chair and refrigerator.

This is and the small room is likely to see the most decoration, with the space used for setting the mood. However, the small room sets its mood through aromatherapy, and the large room usually through posters and music; this means that large speakers are part of the consideration.

There are also likely to be decent-sized fans for air circulation, and there will be some sort of rest area near the fans. Keep in mind that this room may have a punching bag or two, so that space needs to be allowed for as well. This requires the space of a large room, or at least 15’x15′, ideally larger.

Other Things To Consider

Variations on Themes

Of course, there will be exceptions. Some people may want a larger yoga room, looking for more room to stretch out more or for more people. Instead of a refrigerator, some rooms may have a small juice bar. An exercise room for a teenager may be smaller than expected, possibly with just a basic weight bench or punching bag.

Decorations can also vary; posters are obvious, but the walls may be painted to emphasize different routines, such as a biking room with a forest painting. Even the fans can be changed out depending on the proximity to windows or the size of the room.

Obviously, these variations need to be allowed for when setting the room up. While it is possible to use a modular setup, allowing the exercise equipment to be moved towards the wall. In general, once the equipment is set down it is unlikely to be moved; this is something that needs to be allowed for.

Any equipment that relies on electricity needs to need a plug-in; this is a major consideration that may change the planned layout. Just remember to have fun, and you should be able to create the best possible room for your needs.

Upgrading Your Home: Some Positives to Building an Exercise Room

The major advantage of creating an exercise room is that it may help the price of your home go up. Any reasonable upgrade of your home can only help the price go up; even a simple exercise room can help increase the potential asking price. Thus, when you are planning the exercise room, debate which parts you will be leaving behind when you move and which parts you will be taking with you; keep in mind that you can always buy more equipment later on, and the new equipment is likely to better and more up to date.

As an upgrade can be worth ten times the cost of the upgrade, this is a decent incentive for you to build an exercise room.

The other advantage is that you will be saving a lot of money. As you will be more likely to use your own room rather than the equipment of the local gym, you do not need to pay gym prices. This also means that you should be saving money on classes; even if you pay for classes online it should be a lot cheaper than paying for gym classes.

While there is the obvious issue that you will have less of a social life, you can make that up by inviting others over to your own personal gym; that is why you installed a rest area and a juice bar, after all.


So How Much Does All of This Cost?

When it comes to building your own exercise room, there are a number three costs to keep in mind: preparing the space, buying the equipment, and maintenance. Preparing the space can be the most expensive part, depending on what you need to have done, such as increasing the size of the room, some minor electrical for any needed plugs, and possibly finishing the room. There is also the question of if you are doing the work yourself or if you use a contractor; while a contractor is more expensive the work is usually better quality.

The equipment can actually be somewhat expensive, depending on what kind of equipment you purchase and how much of it. The exercise equipment will generally be the bulk of the expense, especially if you decide to get a decent set of free weights. A good exercise bike can also be expensive but is well worth the cost. There are, of course, plenty of options available depending on your needs and desires. There is also the cost of any sound equipment, televisions, fans, and even aromatherapy center to consider.

Maintenance costs should be somewhat minimal. There is the cost of any online classes to consider, as well as other subscriptions. Ensuring that there are air fresheners should be considered, as well as cleaning the room; however, these costs should almost be negligible; this includes candles and any aroma refills. In all honesty, most of the cost would be involved with keeping the refrigerator stocked and any options for the juice bar. Once the room is built and stocked, any other costs are should be relatively inexpensive.

So, Is It Worth It?

Having a home gym is great for those looking to keep healthy; you do not need to go to the gym and you can exercise any time you want. It is not only great for those looking to be healthy but also those looking for stress relief; not only does exercise increase endorphins but it can involve punching things.

The endorphins also help to stave off depression. Besides the physical and mental advantages, there is also the exercise room is an upgrade to the home that can add thousands to its market price. All of these advantages make adding a home gym well worth the investment.

The bottom line is that a home gym is well the price it takes to add one to the house. Not only does it promote mental and physical health as well as provide a little extra financial stability, but it can also be used for bonding among a group of people as a number of people can use the gym at any given time.

For those looking to add to their quality of life, a home gym can definitely add to that, and the maintenance is almost negligible for most homes. A home gym is definitely worth the investment, making it an invaluable addition to any home.

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