Powerblock Elite Adjustable Dumbbell Review

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Powerblock Elite Adjustable Dumbbell

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Fitness Equipment




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Save Space and Power Up Your Workouts with the PowerBlock Elite Adjustable Dumbbells

If fitness and exercise are an important part of your life, you'll appreciate how the right equipment can be more than just useful. When you train, it helps to have equipment that is both functional and efficient. Dumbbells are one very practical piece of exercise equipment.

Owning a whole rack full of different weights, or always having to change the plates on traditional dumbbell sets, diminishes their usefulness. You need space to store them, and patience when changing the weight. However, there is a fantastic solution.

The PowerBlock Elite Adjustable Dumbbell is like a whole rack of dumbbell weights in one easily adjusted block. Here's why you need to put a pair of PowerBlock Elite Adjustable dumbbells on your equipment list.

Equipment Innovation

The first thing that impressed us about the PowerBlock Elite Adjustable Dumbbell is the inspiration behind the design. This is not a piece of fly-by-night equipment, a fad which suddenly burst onto the fitness scene only to prove impractical.

PowerBlock has been a leading innovator in this area of fitness equipment for over a quarter century. Years of developmental testing have been used to produce a final product that works.

The Elite model of adjustable dumbbells has 25 years of expert experience built into its design. This is one of the highest-rated single dumbbell sets on the market for good reason.

Exercise Efficiency

Standard dumbbells can be adjusted to different weights. The overall length of the dumbbell bar restricts the maximum range.

While you put different weights in your hand, you have to stop, unscrew the end cap, add or subtract weight from the bar, and then reattach the cap. This isn't very efficient, especially if you're trying to complete certain types of circuit training.

In addition, you have to a bunch of plates lying around. Two bars and a stack of steel plates is an efficient use of space. It also limits the efficiency of certain types of workouts.

Now, the PowerBlock Elite Adjustable Dumbbells has the bar and all the plates on one convenient block. You won't have to waste time cleaning up dumbbell plates and finding a place to store them when you're finished.

Fitness Features

When we blend the innovative design with exercise efficiency, we can begin to appreciate how each feature is important. Here's a list of the important features for the PowerBlock Elite Adjustable Dumbbell that make them an indispensable piece of fitness equipment.

  • Flexibility – Being able to adjust the total weight of each dumbbell is just one feature that makes them so appealing. You can also adjust each dumbbell in 2½-pound increments.
  • Space-saver – We discussed how much more efficient the PowerBlock dumbbells are with respect to the space you need.

A mention of this feature bears repeating. With the standard block, no additional attachments included, these two pieces of equipment erase 16 pairs of dumbbells.

Two conveniently adjustable dumbbells replace 32 pieces. This doesn't even take into consideration the rack necessary to hold these 32 dumbbells. The Elite Adjustable Dumbbells are the ultimate space-saver.

  • Durability – Sure, most dumbbell sets are either metal or some other type of fairly durable material. That isn't really the factor used to grade the durability of the PowerBlock Elite Adjustable Dumbbells.

However, they use a concept that requires them to be extremely durable. The way they are manufactured says a lot about how long they will last.

These dumbbells are made with a urethane coated, hardened plastic. They are built to last.

To prove their commitment to quality, PowerBlock covers their dumbbells with a remarkable 10-year warranty. Your PowerBlock Elite Adjustable Dumbbells are built to last and built to work the way they were designed.

  • Effective - Another important feature is the design. The first thing we notice when looking at a picture of a set of PowerBlock Elite Adjustable Dumbbells is that they are square, not round.

This may seem odd, but when you visualize them in use, you'll appreciate why. The reason actually has two benefits. One benefit of a block-shaped dumbbell is that it will stay where you put it when you put it down.

The dumbbell will not roll around the floor. The second feature is the way PowerBlock designed the handle. This handle is an open configuration that has you reach up inside the dumbbell to get a secure grip.

This gives you better control of the dumbbell for heavy exercises. Reaching up through the cutout also adds extra support for your wrist. The square, balanced design helps you stabilize more weight for difficult exercise moves.


You can easily increase the amount of weight by adding additional attachments. The standard PowerBlock Elite goes as high as 50-pounds, but you can raise that in two 20-pound increments to 90-pounds per dumbbell.

There is an automatic, adjustable locking system that guarantees the weight you pick stays in place. This is a critical feature for two reasons. It makes sure the weight stays consistent, plus it's easy to adjust.

The weights for each block are listed on both sides, so you can easily make quick adjustments.

This easy-lock adjustment feature allows you to perform various speed workout programs such as the Tabata, 15-minute, high-intensity dumbbell circuit.

It takes less than five seconds to change the weight. This is essential for various types of circuit training sets and ladders. It's also very useful when working out with a partner who uses a different weight.

Be aware that the total weight of the shipment is going to be high. If you have free shipping options, take advantage of them. You can expect your PowerBlock Elite Adjustable Dumbbells to arrive in two to three days after you order them.


The standard PowerBlock Elite Adjustable Dumbbell is limited to 50-pounds. You'll need to add additional attachments to increase the weight.

Since the handle is on the inside of the block, it can take a little time to get used to using this design.

With a square design, the kettle block shape doesn't rest securely on conventional dumbbell racks. However, there are racks for the PowerBlock shape, and you'll only need one rack.

You might assume that purchasing a single dumbbell block would save a lot of money. While the adjustable sets are not unreasonable, they can be somewhat expensive.

Powerblock Elite Conclusion


If you're looking for a set of dumbbells that conserve space and offer fast-change workout capabilities, you must consider the PowerBlock Elite Adjustable Dumbbells. They made using a high-quality, coated urethane, so they are built to last.

While the cost may seem a little expensive, when you factor in the actual number of individual dumbbells you'll have access to, it's only a fraction of what you would spend. The PowerBlock Elite Adjustable Dumbbells will give you the ability to work out efficiently and effectively.