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Getting fit and healthy is a noble ambition of many. Too often, these same individuals either can't find the time to reach for their fitness goals or start, but fail to follow through. One of the leading factors to failed fitness ambitions is time.

Keeping a health club commitment is one roadblock to hurdle, plus long exhaustive workouts can be a challenge to even begin. However, Tony Horton and BeachBody have created an answer. Here's our review of the P90X3 Fitness Program.

​What's P90X3 Fitness all About?

You may have heard about dozens of home workout programs, which assert they will cure all your fitness woes. Most are unable to accomplish what they propose, or they simply make unsupported guarantees. The P90X3 motto is extreme fitness accelerated, and it lives up to its claim. The P90X3 Fitness Program guarantees you one thing.

If you'll stick to the program as written, there is no physiological reason why you cannot reach and even exceed your loftiest fitness goals. It is a structured cross-training program that implements proven nutritional concepts with daily supplements to get the most out of every minute you train.

​Who is the P90X3 Fitness Program Best Suited for?

Don't let the powerfully impressive acronym fool you. The P is for power and the X is for extreme, but the workout can be adapted to all fitness levels. The original training segment introduced by Tony Horton 14 years ago was simply the P90X. It produced instant success.

Celebrities and prominent individuals have endorsed the P90X workout routines as a stunning success. But, you don't need to be famous to enjoy the benefits of the P90X3 program. This version of Horton's original program has all the benefits of the original P90X and the second in P90X2, but it takes less time.

What the third P90X program offers is all the intensity of the first pair in a shorter version. The P90X3 is designed for anyone who wants to exercise from home. It is a simple program that can be structured for the beginner to the advanced training enthusiasts.

This workout employs the elements of a smart diet with exercises that strengthen every muscle in the human body. If you want to skip the gym and train at home, you need to try the P90X3.

​Why is the P90X3 Fitness Program the Solution?

There are literally hundreds of programs that boast of being something of a panacea for getting fit fast. Some have their merits, but most fall far short of helping you reach your goals. Nothing combines training intensity packaged in a convenient time frame like the P90X3.

This is a rigorous 30-minute program that can be individualized, plus works as well for men or women. It will help you lose unwanted body fat while helping you build bulk muscle. Best of all, it accomplishes these goals in a single half-an-hour program.

You also will not get bored with the same old repetitive routine. The P90X3 has 16 workout CDs to keep you enthused and motivated. There is a nutrition and fitness guide to help you make the all-important diet and supplement decisions.

The basic package adds three additional P90X workout routines, plus one Pro-Grade resistance band. If you choose to take your fitness training to the next level, consider upping to the ultimate package.

The Deluxe P90X3 kit adds two extra resistance bands, the BeachBody jump mat, plus a recovery formula to help you prepare faster for the next session. The P90X3 Deluxe also includes a chin-up bar and chin-up band to expand your back and core exercise options.

​Advantages of the P90x3 Fitness Program

One of the most impressive advantages of the P90X3 is the time you'll need to dedicate to the program. The time-efficient manner in which the program produces results is one of the most popular features. It gets the job done in half the time of many training schedules.

A 30-minute commitment, six to seven days each week, will produce extreme results in just three short months. The fact that you do not need to join a health club or fitness facility is another important advantage.

All you need to do is kick start your ambition from the comfort of your own home. No fees, no expensive pieces of fitness equipment to purchase, just one easy-to-follow program that produces results.

While the original P90X programs could be fine-tuned for any fitness level, the P90X3 is especially useful for individuals rehabbing from injuries or those who are overweight. It works equally well for men or women, young or old, big or small.

The other advantage to having hours of research and knowledge at your fingertips is the cost comparison. A distinct advantage of using the P90X3 Fitness Program is that you essentially have a personal trainer right in your home.

​Disadvantages of the P90x3 Fitness Program

While the P90X3 does offer enough diversity to pique the interest of hardcore fitness buffs, the program directs more focus on the beginner and intermediate levels. It especially targets individuals who are rehabbing from some form of injury.

You also must stick to the program schedule to produce the results. The P90X3 requires a little patience. While you will begin to see modest results during the first week or two, but any pronounced physical improvements will require a couple months of dedicated consistency.

​Final Thoughts

If you're ready to build muscle and burn fat, then the P90X3 Fitness Program is where you should start. It's a simple program designed for beginners, but with enough intensity to challenge physically the advanced training enthusiasts.

Through implementing healthy diet guidelines with a variety of exercises to strengthen every muscle in your body, you too can reach the fitness levels you've always aspired to attain. Try the P90X3 Fitness Program today to begin your new healthy lifestyle or take your current physical fitness to exciting new levels.

​P90x3 Fitness Program

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