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We classify a home gym as a single workout device that can effectively resistance train a variety of muscle groups. Home gyms also go by other names such as a multi gyms or all-in-one machine. These are great for a home environment where space is limited.

There isn't a universal design for a home gym either. There are different types of designs that have different use cases and you'll find that some might be better suited for your training needs. Read below for more information on the different types of home gyms.

Weighted Stack Options

Marcy 150-lb Multifunctional Home Gym Station for Total Body Training MWM-990

Weighted Stack home gyms are the most popular form. You’ll see that these options have a central stack usually in 10-pound intervals which powers up all the resistance movements on the machine. Common weighted stack machines are like the MWM 990 by Marcy and BodySolid’s B1S.


Marcy MKM-81010

Cable Machines

Light Commercial FreeMotion EXT Dual Cable Crossover Silver Machine with Weight Stacks, Rotating Arms and Swivel Pulleys.

Functional Trainers are a good option as a stand-alone home gym. Cable Machines usually come with two pulley systems that are adjustable vertically. With this system and a variety of pulley grip attachments you can replicate most exercises you would perform at the gym.



Bowflex and Total Gym

Total Gym XLS Men's and Women's Universal Total Body Home Gym Workout Machine with Ab Crunch Bench and More
Bowflex Xceed Home Gym

Two of the biggest home gym brands are Bowflex and Total Gym. They create unique machines that fit the home environment without being overly bulky or expensive.

There are two types of Bowflex home gyms, Power Rod ones and SpiralFlex ones. The more affordable one, Power Rods Gyms, are machines that use the bending or flex of rods to generate resistance for exercises.

Total Gym machines on the other hand focus on glide board style home gyms. The machine requires the user to sit on the glide board which is connected to a pulley system. Depending on the pulley setup, the user can perform different exercises using their own body weight as the resistance.


Bowflex Xceed

Total Gym XLS

Free Weight Cage Systems

Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine Total Body Training Home Gym System with Linear Bearing Md-9010G, Silver (MD-9010)

Marcy is another company that specifically designs home gym options. Options like the MD1090G we feel brings something unique to the table. Most other home gym options are limited in that they aren’t free weight systems. The MD1090G resembles a power rack or smith machine that allows the user to perform free weight exercises but also includes various auxiliary exercise platforms like the leg developer and cable pulleys. Essentially these machines include a little bit of everything to match the type of exercises most people would perform at a commercial gym.


Marcy Elite Cage

Total Gym XLS

Budget Home Gyms

Home Gyms don't necessarily have to be a hefty investment. Check out our post on home gyms under 1000 dollars for more budget friendly multigyms.

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