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Whether you are just starting out or you have been at the game for a while, Marcy MWM 990 Home Gym should serve you in all the best ways possible. As a cost friendly, and highly effective home gym system, it works exceptionally well for both beginners and intermediate level strength training.

It also offers a wide range of exercises, which you can work with to achieve a full body workout. If you consider other factors like its ease of use and durability, then you have the best home gym right under your nose.

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Key Features of The Marcy MWM 990

This simple but highly versatile home gym is designed in such a way that it gives users sure and pleasant training outcomes. It is known for its efficacy to provide with multiple body workouts.

Its average size comes some very effective features which work extremely well for beginners as well as the intermediates. Dimensions for this home gym include 68 inches length, 36 inches width, and 79 inches height. It weight is a perfect 271 pounds. Other impeccable features include:

1. Dual Functional Press Arms

Dual functional press arms: It's an exceptional feature that allows user to accomplish multiple exercises. For instance, you can use those arms for chest presses, as well as vertical butterfly workouts.

It allows the user to work on the core, the shoulders, upper, back, the chest, and even the triceps in one single training session. This is because you can quickly switch from one position to another in the blink of an eye.

2. High and low pulleys

High and low pulleys: These help users to target lower and upper body workouts. In essence, you can easily achieve a full body workout in one single sitting. The lower pulleys targets your legs, ankles, knees and the lower back, once you connect them with the leg developer.

The upper pulleys, on the other hand, target and work on the muscles around shoulders, Triceps, chest area and upper back.

3. Leg Developer

Leg developer: It provides a dual function, and can be used for leg extensions as well as leg curl workouts. Basically, it allows you to perform every muscle and tendon surrounding the leg area. You can be sure that your ankles, knees, and joints around these areas receive the benefits of this feature.

4. Enclosed Weight stack

Enclosed Weight stack: As a 150lb weight stack, this home gym provides the ultimate resistance function. It is also equipped with a highly effective and secure peg locking mechanism; which provides safety for users, as the weights are not usually free.

But then again, you can easily make the required adjustments with the same peg. You can make a switch to a possible maximum of 200lbs; an adjustment for someone trying to achieve higher levels of fitness.


Marcy MWM 990 is built from high-quality strong steel which makes it long-lasting. Meanwhile, it also comes with a 2-year warranty, which provides users with adequate confidence to use the machine for as long as possible, without fear of damage or disintegration.


Assembling: It is not too hard to set up, as it comes with a clear and easy to understand instructional manual, which provides general ease of use.

There are clear drawings which are also numbered making it easy for you to know which part fits where.

However, since it comes as a150lb stack, it can sometimes be too heavy for single person to assemble. Another extra hand would be sufficient to help with the setting.


Some of the drawbacks for Marcy MWM 990 include the fact that it is just a 150 lb weight stack. It can only work well for users of lower fitness levels, and not for people who want to maximize on higher levels of fitness.

Even though instructions for setting are well illustrated, you may still have to call in extra help for unboxing the package as well as assembling. Woe unto you if you live alone, as you will definitely encounter some difficulties before you accomplish the task.

Again it's not possible to upgrade the gym’s weight stack, as there are not extra plates which you can add; neither do the plate bars allow for any plate additions.

Its also not possible to adjust the sat with this home gym; say in vertical, or forward or backward positions. Therefore, it cannot be used by anybody else except the size of the person its meant for.

The fact that its designed with a sturdy steel frame, and weighing more than 200 pounds once it's been assembled, its difficult to try to maneuver it or try to move it from position.

​Pros and Cons


  • ​It's placed within an affordable price range.
  • ​Supports up to 30 workout movements.
  • ​It comprises of several positions and workout stations which you can maneuver. These include low and high pulley, pec fly, and chest press, curl pad as well as the leg developer attachment.
  • ​Once assembled, you require low maintenance for it.
  • Its 2-year warranty allows you to enjoy your strength training exercises with full confidence.


  • ​Assembling may pose difficulties, and you definitely require extra hands.
  • ​This home gym can suited for entry fitness levels

​Final Thoughts

​​For strength training users at beginner or intermediate level, this is a perfect home gym for you. Apart from the fact that it's cost-friendly, it allows you to work at different workout stations to give you an amazing full body workout. Also, its 150 weight stack makes it quite favorable for both lighter and moderate strength exercises.

If you are on the prowl and looking to purchase a home gym, do not hesitate to check out this fantastic, user-friendly, and equally effective Marcy MWM 990 Home Gym.