Core Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell Review

Core Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell Review

Home workouts are increasingly popular, boosted by a new wave of CD fitness programs. People are finding liberation from the hassle of crowded commercial gyms and their limited hours, limited equipment, and abundance of attitude. 

It’s more comfortable and convenient to workout at home, but you do need space. As an apartment dweller with a tight floor plan, space is a problem for me. Adjustable dumbbells help solve it.

If you’re also budget-conscious, like I am, you’d rather not waste money with a trial-and-error approach. In this article, we’ll review one of the most popular adjustable dumbbells, the Core Fitness, and see if it’s fit for your purpose.

The Home Workout Dilemma

Working out at home is a nice lifestyle upgrade for me, but there are issues. 

Space Restrictions - Dumbbells are one of the most basic workout tools—and they take up a lot of room. A fold-up bench and barbells can stow easily between sessions, but dumbbells scatter everywhere. I want to leave the gym, not live in one. 

Budget - It isn’t just the floor space and clutter: buying a complete dumbbell set is expensive. Once you get into the 25-lb plus range, each new set incurs a compounding cost.

Comfort - I won't say comfort is my top workout priority, but hassling with tricky or awkward dumbbells between sets isn't my preferred regimen.

Core Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells: A Logical Solution

Core Fitness dumbbells replace 10 separate pairs, having a weight range from 5 to 50 lbs, in 5-lb increments. The profile approximates a 50-lb hex dumbbell and has rounded plates—just like those at the gym. 

The TwistLock weight-change process is fast and straightforward. The framework of the dumbbell is steel, and their iron plates have a tough PVC coating that prevents rust and reduces noise. The ergonomic handles are rubber-coated steel with a comfortable grip.

Who They Best Serve

There’s a lot of nice things about the Core Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells, but they aren’t for everyone. Though suitable for most lifting goals, some might do better elsewhere:

• If you are a maniac, this set may not be enough. The limit is 50 lbs, no add-ons.

• If you don’t plan to go higher than 15 pounds, this is a bit of overkill. 

• You may not like the frame, especially if you stay light. It's made to accommodate higher weights, so it's a bit bulky for lighter use.

• If you're rough on equipment, you can regard these as expensive throwaways.


Here are a few key features that make a big difference in the workout experience. 

Quick & Safe Weight-Plate Changes

You don’t need a wrench or clips: simply twist the handle to the weight you want and lift out. No fiddling around. It’s quick enough for P90X or other extreme programs.

Behind the scenes, a metal pin catches each plate as you twist the handle to the weight you’ve chosen. The simple mechanism locks the plates, and you lift out your new dumbbell.

Durable Construction … but Don’t Drop Them

The all-steel undercarriage performs well with careful use. The alignment pins, locking mechanism, and fastenings are under stress during a normal workout, but the steel and PVC high-impact coating hold up.

Let’s not overdo the accolades, because you can't expect the ruggedness of a solid, welded all-metal dumbbell. 

Ideally, you want some over-engineering in your workout equipment, and Core Fitness answers the call well enough to outclass most of the competition. But, if you like throwing down your weights, these won’t make you happy for long.

Comfort & Handling

Another positive is that Core Fitness put serious effort into recreating the standard dumbbell experience. I’m all about adaptation and change, but that doesn’t mean I want to leave familiar habits behind for no reason. Core Fitness seems to get that.

The solid-state pin mechanism holds the plates securely: there's some play, but not much. The ergonomic grip is firm and secure, and the dumbbells remain solid with little movement when in use.

Assembly & Support

The dumbbells are setup by having the plates dropped in. It takes less than five minutes, and there’s no further maintenance. 

One small quibble is that the dumbbell sticks to the base when using weights over 30 lbs. You can put your foot down to hold it; or, alternatively, purchase the optional stand, which is well-made and effective (but not cheap).

Core Fitness has a limited product line built around the concept of space-saving workout equipment, so you won’t be lost within a corporate conglomerate’s support system if you have trouble. They include a 2-year Parts Warranty, so you can get replacements as needed.


• Saves floor space
• Compact frame with rounded plates
• Easy, fast TwistLock weight transitions
• Safe and solid once taken from base
• Steel frame with iron plates
• 5 to 50 lbs, in 5-lb increments
• Saves money over an equivalent standard set


• Lightweight base sticks with dumbbells over 30 lbs
• Breakable plastic tab on 5-lb plate
• Somewhat awkward look and feel at lower weights
• Acceptable durability, but not rugged

Core Fitness is a popular top choice for convenience and reliability. These dumbbells are a compact solution for tight quarters, and cover the most common weight range (5-50lbs). 

The TwistLock weight change system literally requires only a flip of the wrist to access from 5 to 50 lbs. The all-steel undercarriage is durable enough to actually use. 

If you only need light weights, these could be bulky … but they're great for fitness seekers with limited workout space. If you use the heavier weights, the Core Fit Adjustable Dumbbell can save money, too.

Check them out online and see for yourself!