​Sturdy - Space-Saving - Affordable: The Powerline BSG10X


​Moderately Priced Option. Cost compares with the Bowflex Blaze and Total Gym XLS.


​160 lb Weighted Stack Home Gym. High, Low Mid Pulleys, Press Arms & Leg Curl Station That Power 40+ Different Exercises​. ​







​344 lbs


​​70" x 42" x 80"


Home Gym System

​A home gym needs to offer the versatility to get great workouts, plus take up as little space as possible. Body-Solid has designed a home gym to tackle both these issues. The Powerline BSG10X is easy on space, but tough on training. Let's dig into why we think the BSG10X is a top-option for anyone in the market for a home gym.

​What is the ​BSG10x?

Body-Solid has created the perfect home gym that offers you exercise diversity in a machine that takes up little space. The space-saving quality of the Powerline BSGX10 is probably its biggest appeal.

However, it wouldn't do much to have a wobbly machine that simply didn't take up much room in your home. You need something that can handle the rigors of your workouts. The BSG10X blends the space-saving benefit into a machine that can do this.

By designing multiple stations, the BSG10X puts dozens of different workouts at your disposal. You can curl, row, press and pull. The pulley system is set high enough that you can get a full range of motion for lat pull downs and other cable exercises.

Body-Solid made sure there was enough weight to be a challenge. There is a 160-pound weight stack with an easy-access selector for quick changes. The cables have a tensile strength of over 1-ton.

For your own personal peace of mind, Body-Solid backs the BSG10X with a 10-year warranty on the frame, plus a full year on all parts and accessories. This is a versatile machine with a strong warranty that won't clog up a lot of space in your home.


The Powerline BSGX10 adds features that are common on far higher priced home gym models. Body-Solid doesn't short-change this machine on accessories or feature design. The machine comes with a full four-foot lat bar.

They also didn't cut any corners on the frame. The BSGX10 is sturdy and stable. Body-Solid uses an 11-gauge steel for the mainframe. This frame is chrome-plated for looks and added stability.

There is an extra-wide seat that has multiple adjustment positions. The seat also adjusts easily to help you keep moving through rigorous types of cross-training programs. You won't have to stop and mess around with a cumbersome seat adjustment.

The Powerline BSG10X has both a leg curl and leg extension attachment. You won't have to include another piece of equipment to do core work. There is an abdominal harness to help you work your core thoroughly.

Many home gym machines take hours and a toolbox full of wrenches and screwdrivers to put together. This machine comes in a single box, plus it's 90 percent pre-assembled before it's shipped to your door.

The BSG10X is a compact machine that is only four-feet wide and just over six-feet tall. You will need to plan ahead for the length of motion available for cable exercises. However, the bottom line is that this machine will not eat up a room's worth of floor space.

Versatility is another key feature of the Powerline BSG10X. One important feature that makes this aspect of the machine so popular is the adjustable arm press. The arm press station has eight positions and adjusts with a quick-tightening thumb pin.

You can flip from one arm angle to another in seconds. The pulley system adds even more diversity to the list of exercises you'll be able to tackle with the BSG10X. There are three pulley settings, high, mid-range and low.

Since the BSG10X comes with grips, a full-length lat bar and extra straps, you can set up multiple exercises at one time. All you need to do to attack the most difficult circuit workout is to shift the weight stack pin.

Body-Solid's BSG10X design makes this simple. They put the stack directly behind the seat and facing outward on the right side of the machine. You can reach back and change the pin setting from the seat, or reach around between curls, rows or pulls to change the weight in an instant.

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The Powerline BSG10X has all the flexibility to target every muscle or muscle group on your body. You can get a full-body workout, including a good leg circuit. The pulley station is separate from the press arms so you can do independent rows or arm curls.

There are a lot of home gyms on the market designed for advanced fitness levels. The Powerline BSG10X can handle intense training circuits, but it is perfectly suited for beginners to intermediate because of the simplicity of use.

The pulleys and cables on the BSG10X are strong. They are adequate to pull the full maximum resistance available in the 160-pound weight stack. Each cable has a protective nylon cover to enhance durability.

Probably the most popular feature of the Powerline BSG10X Home Gym is the compactness of the design. The frame itself takes up a small footprint for a full-size workout machine.

The placement of the leg extensions, pull down cables, and press arms do not require a vast amount of room space. Another appealing feature is the weight stack pin placement. It's on the side, so you can reach around or behind you to change weight easily.


There are a few disadvantageous you must consider if you're thinking about the BSG10X for your home gym workouts. Be mindful of the level of intensity at which you train. This machine can handle all beginner workouts and most intermediate training levels.

However, the BSG10X is a little short on stability for high-intensity power lifting or bodybuilding. The 160-pound weight stack also limits the maximum resistance you'll have available.

This also makes the machine perfect for most programs, but limits the appeal for high-weight strength training. The frame on the BSG10X has a 10-year warranty. However, most problems with home gyms happen to parts and accessories and here Body-Solid only provides a one-year guarantee.

​Final Thoughts

Body-Solid has a reputation for building quality equipment that is also affordable. The Powerline BSG10X meets both of these criteria. There is enough versatility in the number of exercises you can do to meet any beginner or intermediate training regimen.

By using inventive versions of some standard exercises, even the advanced fitness levels will find this machine has potential. It is a machine that won't break your bank account, plus one that one won't take up a whole room in your house. If you're in the market for an affordable, space-saving home gym, you need to give the Powerline BSG10X Home Gym a look.