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One of Bowflex's More Expensive Models


​Power Rod ​Home Gym capable of 95+ exercises & upgrade-able weight capacity (up to 410 lbs)





​Ultimate 2






Home Gym System

​In the mid-2000s the Bowflex Ultimate 2 came out, and nowadays, it can only be gotten as refurbished or used. When it comes to getting one nowadays, it is wise to choose refurbished. We say this because they are reset to the factory standards and come with a 6-month warranty.

​What is the Ultimate 2?

​This machine provides a complete and full-body workout, so it is great for people no matter what body area they want to work. That means the upper body, the abdominals, and the lower body can be worked using this machine.

With people coming to love the Bowflex's lat tower with an angled lat bar, a squat station, and a preacher curl attachment, this machine delivers all three for their customers. It has a pully system that has a no-change cable. This means the switching exercises from one part of the body to another part is easy and will not cause any pain in the process.

It works by automatically adjusting the cables in order to allow you to continue working out without there being any interruption, which means no having to stop in between workouts to go through the process of changing the cables before continuing to the next exercise.


​The machine is large enough to be easy to use without the worry of bumping into any part of it, but it is small enough that it will not take up a whole lot of room. The machine is lightweight and easy to move around, which means it is easy to move around to clear room in a small apartment or room.

The bench is made to be easily adjusted. This makes it easy to change it around to work for the different exercises without having to take too much time in between. It is also padded nicely for comfort while using it for long periods of time.

The frame of this machine is made out of heavy-duty steel, which means it will stand up to a lot of use for a long time. It comes with an ab crunch attachment, an accessory rack, and a floor mat for protecting the surface it is sitting on from being scuffed.

The weight resistance of this machine is normally 310 pounds, but it can easily be upgraded to 410 pounds for more experienced fitness junkies. It does only go this high though, which means some of the more hardcore exercisers would want something stronger.

There is a Bowflex Body Plan included with the machine to help people new to the exercise game do detailed and complete workout routines. The machine has the capability to do over 95 different exercises, which allows for the whole body to be able to be worked during the exercise routine.

When this machine is folded up when not in use it measure to 44 inches by 46 inches. When it is being used, on the other hand, we recommend having a space that measures 9 foot 4 inches to 6 foot 6 inches in order to not have any problems with hitting things.

When a person is using other exercise machines or just dumbbells to workout, they are not getting the full workout needed. The tension is missing after a certain point, but this machine allows for constant tension to be put on the user. This makes the workout harder and more thorough.

This Bowflex allows for a full range of motion while exercising. This machine not only allows for a natural feel while working out with a man-made machine, but it also allows for a full range that allows for flex and contraction with each exercise.

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​One of the best things about this machine is that it comes with a large selection of attachment options that allow for a wide range of exercises to be performed, allowing for the whole body to be worked out.

It comes with a DVD that walks you through the exercises that can be done. The frame of the machine is made to be very durable and has a great warranty on the new models in case of there being any problems.

The power rods and cables are made to be safer to use than free weights are, and the resistance can be upgraded to meet your needs. It is very easy to use and put together even for someone who is not experienced with exercise equipment.

The frame is made to be folded down in order to take up less room when it is not in use. It also has a handle built into it that makes it easier to move the lightweight frame around when it is not in use to store it away.


​The number one problem of this machine is that in 2007 they stopped making it because of the reports they were getting of faulty parts. These machines were known to cause injuries to the users, such as bad bruising on the user's arms and a severely sore back.

This machine takes up a much larger footprint than other Bowflex at home gym machines, which can be a problem for someone who lives in a smaller apartment. They also need a mat to be placed under it in order to prevent any damage from being done to the floor.

Due to this machine no longer being made, it has to be bought used or refurbished, which means there is no guarantee that it will not have the same problems that it did when it was first released. Also, there is a much shorter warranty provided for a refurbished Bowflex Ultimate 2.

Final Thoughts

With the Bowflex Ultimate 2 being a great home gym piece of equipment, we recommend looking into getting one. It does need a lot of room when it is being used, but it can be easily folded down in order to tuck it away when it is not being used and allow extra room.

It has the option of a wide range of exercises being done, which makes it a great buy even with the problems it had when it first came out. With the wide range of exercise options being available, it is great for anyone who is new to working out or someone who has been working out for some time. If it is bought refurbished, it does come with a 6-month warranty.