One of Bowflex's More Expensive Models


Spiral Flex Powered Home Gym capable of 100+ exercises & upgrade-able weight capacity (up to 300 lbs)







336 lbs


112" x 37.8" x 73"


Home Gym System

If like many people who pay close attention to their physical fitness, you may think it's hard to get a complete workout at home. Sure, fitness clubs have a lot to offer. There are dozens of machines and various types of equipment.

However, Bowflex has a solution. It's called the Bowflex Revolution. Here's why we think you'll agree that the Bowflex Revolution is an affordable and efficient home gym for all fitness levels and exercise programs.

What Makes the Bowflex Revolution Special?

The immediate thing that jumped out at us was the name behind the machine. Bowflex is a trusted and respected maker of quality exercise equipment. The Bowflex reputation is to build a durable, sturdy and affordable home alternative to expensive gym memberships.

Plus, you not only save membership fees, you get to exercise in your own home. The Revolution itself is special for a number of other reasons. This is an incredibly well-built exercise machine.

When you have a machine that is both sturdy and durable, it dramatically expands the level of training you can accomplish. This machine not only puts massive amounts of weight at your disposal for strength training, but it's also a tremendous cardio machine.

There isn't a single muscle on your body that you cannot target with an exercise using this machine. It offers everything to engage the most intense levels of strength training, but it also makes the perfect solution for joint problems.

The SpiraFlex™ technology creates a fluid motion throughout every exercise. This removes the pinching that can happen with struggling with free weights or conventional weight machines.

The Bowflex Revolution can help you train for any sporting event, or help you rehab from an injury. Yes, it's truly that versatile. You can tone muscles, improve joint mobility, plus burn calories all using the same machine.

We cannot under emphasize the versatility this machine offers. It would take pages to list all the different exercises you can do using this machine. The Bowflex Revolution essentially puts a room full of individual pieces of equipment, barbells, dumbbells and handles into one machine.


The Bowflex Revolution has a number of standout features. Each one helps reinforce the company's goal to provide their customers with a safe and effective workout machine. Here are a few Bowflex Revolution features we found important.

SpiraFlex™ – This is the Bowflex resistance technology. It allows for a consistently smooth motion throughout a complete exercise move. The resistance remains balanced during the complete movement of any given exercise.

Space-Saving – Even though the machine offers the diversity and resistance necessary for any level of workout, it doesn't take up a lot of room space. The machine conveniently folds up to take up less floor space.

Diversity – Going to a fitness club gives you a lot of exercise diversity. However, when you blend the convenience of your own home into more than 100 types of exercises, you have tremendous diversity.

There isn't a muscle or muscle group that you cannot target with this machine. Another aspect of this machine that relates to its versatility is the adjustable bench. This feature expands workout options even more.

Not only does the seat fold up for storage, it also slides to turn it into a rowing machine or a leg press station. When you combine the sliding seat and 170 degree arm rotation, this is one of the most diverse home gyms available.

Sturdy – A lot of fitness enthusiasts shy away from home gyms because they simply cannot push their workouts to a high enough level of intensity. This is not going to be a problem when you use the Bowflex Revolution. This machine is stable enough to handle the most rigorous training program.

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Health Club Quality
As soon as you perform your first exercise on this machine, you will immediately be impressed by the stability. The Bowflex Revolution has an outstanding 325 pound user weight maximum. No matter how intense you train, you will not wobble on this machine.

Minimal Maintenance
Some machines require periodic maintenance to lubricate weight racks or other movable parts. The Bowflex Revolution needs an occasional wipe down to keep it looking sharp and working properly.

Workout Advice
Bowflex helps get you started with an excellent selection of exercises and exercise routines.

Easy Assembly
The machine comes with an easy-to-follow owner's manual with simple assembly instructions.

Strength Training
To take full advantage of strength training workouts your machine needs to have enough weight. The Bowflex Revolution boasts 220 pounds of resistance that can be doubled to 440 pounds.

Weight Upgrades
 If you find that 440 pounds of total resistance is enough to challenge your workouts, you can upgrade the Revolution to 600 pounds.

Each of the arm stations move independently of one another. They can be locked at different points along a 170 degree arc. This provides you with the versatility to perform different types of exercises, plus the same exercise style at different angles.

Bowflex stands behind their equipment. The Revolution is a strong and durable machine. A 10-year warranty shows the Bowflex confidence in their quality.


While the Bowflex Revolution folds up for space-saving convenience, it is a little heavy to shift around from one place to another in a room.

Although the machine has an excellent warranty, certain parts are still prone to wear. Bowflex will replace the parts, but you will need to change them yourself.

The machine is somewhat heavy, so you may need to place it on a rubber or protective surface to prevent damage to certain types of floors.

The cost of the Bowflex Revolution may seem higher than some models. However, you shouldn't forget the level of versatility and quality of construction when assessing the overall value.

Final Thoughts

The Bowflex Revolution Home Gym is an advanced-level exercise machine that is perfect for all fitness levels. You cannot mistake the quality of this machine when compared to inferior options.

This home gym puts exercise diversity in your hands with more than 100 exercises to accomplish both strength training and cardio. We score the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym with high marks for versatility, exercise effectiveness and quality.