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4 / 5

The Bowflex PR1000 is mid-level grade home workout machine. While you can attack every body part using the PR1000, intensive training aspirations might want to move up to a higher Bowflex model such as the PR3000.

For anyone wanting to tone and sculpt everything from shoulders to calves, the PR1000 is an excellent machine. This is the basic Bowflex home gym model, so it's also very appealing when you're crunching the budget numbers.

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Will the Bowflex PR1000 Be Right for You?

If staying fit and healthy is important to you, you're going to benefit from some type of exercise. Going to a local fitness club is wonderful, but can be inconvenient. A great way to train the way you want, whenever you want to, is with a home gym. Now, you can spend time hunting down bargain equipment.

However, a better solution is to pick a piece of equipment made by a reputable company with a world-class reputation for quality. In the exercise equipment industry, that company is Bowflex. Here's what we think of the Bowflex® PR1000 Home Gym.

Bowflex PR1000 Specifications

  • Dimensions: Length: 84" ​, Wdith: 38" , Height 82" ​
  • Weight of Machine = 144 lbs
  • Maximum Workout Resistance = 210 ​lbs (Ranges from 5-pounds to 210-pounds)
  • Maximum Recommended User Weight = 300 lbs
  • ​Key Features

    ​1. ​Power Rod Resistance Powered Home Gym

    ​​Bowflex home gym use what they call Power Rods. These are flexible polymer rods made with a sturdy nylon composite. Instead of using bulky, heavy weights to create resistance.

    If you can appreciate that how you generate resistance is all that matters, you can appreciate why this concept is both space efficient and cost affordable. When you begin to look at the enormous range of exercise moves on the Bowflex PR1000, it classifies as a tremendous entry-level home gym.

    Even though the PR1000 is not upgradeable in resistance, there are accessories you can add to your unit. There are various handles and grips that come standard, but you can also purchase higher-level bars to enhance the PR1000's intensity.

    For instance, the standard back support strap is how you perform leg presses using the PR1000. This same belt can be turned to make a difficult type of squat motion to target your thighs. Again, the PR1000 has a full range of standard exercises, but with a little creativity you can raise your level of intensity.

    ​2. ​Max Resistance set at 200 lbs

    ​​​This home gym comes with a flat 200 pounds resistance limit out of the box. That is, 200 pounds worth of power rod resistance that is not upgradeable. While we do understand that the this weight capacity is enough for many home gym users, and that PR1000 is meant to be the entry-level home gym anyway​, we feel that this resistance capacity ​could've at least been upgradeable.

    If this weight capacity is not enough to be sure to check out other similar Bowflex options like the Xceed and the Blaze.

    3. 30+ Exercises

    ​You can perform over 30 strength exercises on the PR1000, and with some inventive ingenuity, add your own unique moves. The bench on the PR1000 adjusts to multiple angles. This allows you to get creative with different types of chest and shoulder press exercises. Here's a list of most of the exercises that Bowflex offer on this model:

    ​Chest Exercises

    ​Shoulder Exercises

    ​Back Exercises

    ​Arms Exercises

    ​Abs Exercises

    ​Leg Exercises

    ​​4. ​Built-in Rowing Machine

    One of the things we love most about the PR1000 is that it comes with a built-in rowing station. We feel like this was a nice touch because it caters to home gym users who enjoy some type of cardio workout in their exercise routine. This effectively means that you get a complete resistance workout machine as well as a decent aerobic-type exercise machine.

    The only other Bowflex home gym that supports this option is the Bowflex Blaze. Check out the difference between the two machines here.

    ​Bowflex PR1000 VS Blaze Comparison

    ​Check out the difference between the two machines.


    The built in rowing station is a popular feature on the PR1000. You can incorporate back strengthening moves using this setup, or simply add an incredible cardio workout using it as a rowing station.

    While you cannot get the exact same productive power results that lifting actual weights can generate, the Power Rod resistance concept is gentler on your joints. You can still increase muscle mass, but there is no stressful yanking on your joints and tendons.

    Another popular feature of the PR1000 is the small footprint it makes in your home. If you only have limited space for your home exercise equipment, this machine is a solid choice. This also is appealing to anyone who wants a second workout option at home.

    Since the PR1000 is affordable and doesn't take up a lot of space, it is the perfect home gym for someone who still aspires to train at their local fitness facility. The Bowflex PR1000 is also very easy to assemble.

    The instructions in the owner's manual are easy to understand and it takes on average slightly over an hour to assemble. Bowflex backs the quality of the PR1000 with an excellent warranty as well. There 1-year of warranty coverage on the frame, and 5-years on the all-important Power Rods.


    One of the disadvantages of the PR1000 compared to other Bowflex home gym models is the inability to modify the Power Rod resistance amounts. This model peaks at 210-pounds, and unlike other models you cannot upgrade to add more weighted resistance.

    There isn't a quick change system on the PR1000. For most workouts, this is never a problem. However, for fast-paced circuit training regimens, changing the weight resistance can be a slight disadvantage of this machine.

    Having the flexibility to exercise in the comfort of your own home is wonderful. However, making certain you can train at the levels you desire is important. To accomplish all your basic fitness goals right from your home, the Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym is an affordable option with a lot of flexibility.

    ​PR1000 Strengths & Drawbacks

    ​​Here's a rundown of some advantages & disadvantages of the PR1000.


    • ​Most Affordable Bowflex Option
    • ​Beginner Friendly Machine
    • ​Foldable for Storage
    • ​Built-in rowing station


    • 210 lbs Weight Resistance Max
    • ​Low Variety of Exercises
    • ​Non Upgradeable Weight Resistance

    ​Final Thoughts

    ​​Having the flexibility to exercise in the comfort of your own home is wonderful. However, making certain you can train at the levels you desire is important. To accomplish all your basic fitness goals right from your home, the Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym is an affordable option with a lot of flexibility.