Bowflex Home Gym vs. Free Weights – Which is Better?

Bowflex is a household name in most countries. The brand found success through resistance training and at-home gym setups. If you’re trying to find the best workout, it’s important to know if you should aim for Bowflex’s Home Gym or free weights. Keep in mind the company makes adjustable dumbbells for those who want a trustworthy brand.

When you’re comparing the Bowflex Home Gym with free weights, the Home Gym is better for safety purposes, muscle isolation, and endurance. Free weights promote quicker muscle mass, core stability, and they take up much less room than the Home Gym. Using both choices will yield the best results.

Throughout this article, we’ll cover the pros and cons of Bowflex’s Home Gym and free weights. We’ll also discuss why using them together is the best for people trying to gain muscle mass while mixing their training schedule.

When Should You Choose a Bowflex Home Gym?

If you want to try a new workout without lugging free weights around, the Bowflex Home Gym is a top-notch solution. Bowflex has a lot to offer, whether you prefer the ease of use or constant pressure on your muscles throughout the movements.

Here’s a list of advantages of the Home Gym Series by Bowflex:


  • The Bowflex Home Gym is best for beginners and those without a spotter. You don’t need to worry about a spotter because you can’t drop the resistance cables. If you’re unable to finish the rep, the cables will return to their original position without falling on your legs, feet, or chest.
  • Resistance exercises isolate your muscles for long-term endurance. Most of the Bowflex exercises are seated and focus on the specific muscle group. For example, a seated chest fly on the Home Gym uses your triceps and chest, whereas a free weight chest fly also incorporates your abs.
  • Using Bowflex’s cables teaches proper form for other exercises. Free weights have a mind of their own if you’ve never used them. Bowflex’s Home Gym works in preset motions that don’t deviate from their path. You don’t have to stress about overwhelming your joints as much.
  • The Home Gym is better for low-impact workouts. Low-impact exercises are becoming more popular throughout recent years. People of all ages and fitness levels can use resistance training to gain muscle and burn fat without harming their knees, elbows, and shoulders.
  • The Bowflex At Home Gym changed the game for those working out at home. Rather than buying loads of gym equipment or spending a lot of monthly on monthly gym memberships, you can get a full set up in one setup. If you’re interested in learning how free weights compare to the Home Gym, proceed to the next section. If you're set on buying a bowflex home gym: do check out the top bowflex home gym options.

    Are Free Weights the Better Choice?

    While the Bowflex Home Gym has plenty to offer, nothing is a substitute for free weight muscle growth. Free weights will likely be the king of muscle mass for many years to come. If you’re trying to be a bodybuilder or put on serious mass, you’ll enjoy the four benefits of free weights below.

    • Free weights take up much less space than most Bowflex setups. You don’t need a massive 8 x 8-foot (or bigger) space to use dumbbells. If you want to reduce the room used by your free weights, we recommend the Bowflex Selecttech Dumbbells. You can adjust them from 5 to 52.5 pounds for the perfect workout every time.
    • You’ll achieve peak muscle mass quicker with free weights. Since free weights use several muscles at a time, many of them are constantly being worked. This process will make you fatigued quicker and likely sorer, but it also creates noticeable growth much quicker than resistance training.
    • Standing free weight workouts promote core stabilization. Free weight usage is highly beneficial those looking to strengthen their abs, obliques, and lower back. While it’s a disadvantage for some people who want isolated exercises, strengthening your core is essential for everyday movements.
    • Adjustable free weights take less time to set up. All you have to do is adjust the dial and pick up the weights. The Bowflex Home Gym requires cable adjustments, unhooking and hooking new carabiners, removing and replacing the seat, and more. If you’re trying to get a quick workout, free weights take the cake.
    • Free weights include medicine balls, barbells, dumbbells, and a host of other equipment for multiple exercises. You can find which combinations suit your preferences to get an all-inclusive workout.

    As you can see, using free weights can strengthen your body with fewer exercises. You can get in and out of your at-home gym quicker, use less space, and likely save hundreds of dollars. However, there’s a better way to get the most out of your workout. Read on to find out what it is.

    Using the Bowflex Home Gym and Free Weights Together

    If you have a room dedicated to exercise and are willing to try both options, nothing beats combining resistance training and free weights. Bod Healthiness shows free weights can improve your overall strength and size, while resistance cables from the Bowflex Home Gym will improve your endurance.

    The best way to combine these gym workouts is to do one muscle group on both sets. For example, you could do tricep pulldowns on the Bowflex followed by tricep kickbacks to hit your triceps with both of them.

    Another suggestion is to take a common gym split (chest and triceps one day and biceps and back on another) to decide your workout. Hit the chest on your Home Gym and triceps on the free weights. The next day, you could do bicep curls with free weights and Bowflex seated lat rows.


    Now that you know the differences between the Home Gym and free weights, it’s time to decide which one is right for you. Do you prefer safety without a spotter and isolated muscle exercises or bulking and a reduced workout space? Remember, pairing resistance workouts with free weights can provide optimal endurance, growth, and performance.

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