One of the more expensive home gym options. Price compares to the Bodycraft Galena Pro & Bowflex Revolution. ​


​​200 lb Weighted Stack Home Gym. Perform 100+ Exercises Using Multiple Pulley locations, ​the Press Arms and Leg Developer.





​Xpress Pro


​575 lbs


​82.9" x 56.5" 82"


Home Gym System

Finding the motivation to exercise is tough enough. Dragging yourself off to a health club adds another level of commitment. How much easier would it be to keep your exercise commitments if the equipment was right in your own home?

The BodyCraft has a solution to that problem. They offer a variety of fitness equipment, but one of their most all-inclusive is the Xpress Pro Home Gym. Here's why we think the BodyCraft Xpress Pro is a strong choice for your complete home exercise needs.

​What is the ​Xpress Pro?

Adding a home gym to your house can be a costly proposition. However, the BodyCraft Xpress Pro offers a sturdy and durable machine with a more affordable price tag than many models. This machine uses an extra-strong 2-inch by 3-inch steel tubing for the frame.

The other steel parts on the machine are 2-inches by 2-inches. A durable electrostatic powder coating protects every inch of steel on the XPress Pro. One of the most important parts of the XPress Pro is the pulley system.

Each individual pulley is 4½-inches in diameter. The pulley system allows you to dozens of cable-type exercises. They do not catch, allowing for efficient movement. The cable system is lubricated internally and has a 2,000 pound tensile strength rating.

The pulley system would be comparable with most home gyms. However, that is where BodyCraft's machine is different. The cable arms are both adjustable a full 180 degrees. They also do not have to be set at the same angle.

Dozens of machines have attempted to copy this design, but BodyCraft's home gym cable system was the first. Having the ability to lock at different angles allows you to perform similar exercises, but apply resistance and a different angle.


Each home gym boasts of a series of features that make their model more preferable. However, most of them duplicate some aspect of the original BodyCraft single station home gym designs. The most popular feature on this machine is the cable system.

You could actually design pages of different exercises just using this design feature. Not only can you modify a specific exercise to multiple angles, the versatile angle settings expand the number of individual moves tremendously.

This machine has a 200 pound weight stack. With double cables, each arm can generate this 200 pound maximum. That means the BodyCraft XPress Pro has 400 pounds of actual resistance sitting in one convenient stack.

A machine with this much diversity in the number of exercises with 400 pounds of resistance would seemingly take up a lot of space. Not the XPress Pro. It is designed to fit up against a wall and the seat folds up to give you a space-saving choice for a home gym.

Many home gyms come with little more than a pair of handles for the cables, resistance, and an adjustable bench. The XPress Pro basic package comes with all of these items, plus more. In addition to the pair of pulley handles, this home gym adds a lat bar, row bar, abdominal harness and two ankle straps.

Even if you stick to using the basic accessories, the chest press handles allow you multiple grip positions. All total, there are six different individual workout stations. Imagine the amount of floor space you would need if you bought a piece of equipment for each station.

BodyCraft didn't take shortcuts on the stations themselves either. The bench is made using durable upholstery and padded for maximum comfort. Another nice feature of the BodyCraft XPress Pro is its look.

No one wants an ugly machine stuck in your home. This is a nicely designed machine with a soft blend of colors. The weight stack also uses a flashy metallic enclosure to both keep the weights hidden from view and keep them clean.

Some machines use different sized pulleys on their machines. Each of the XPress Pulleys are the full 4½-inches in diameter. This not only adds to the durableness of the machine, but it also is responsible for why the cable movement is so smooth.

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  • The XPress Pro is durable and has a full lifetime warranty to prove it.
  • The internally lubricated pulley system means that there is little maintenance necessary to keep the machine working properly.
  • Double cable design doubles the total available resistance of the 200 pound weight stack to 400 pounds.
  • The cable station has 11 adjustable positions that allow you to do single bar types of exercises, dumbbell work, or replicate the action of equipment such as kettle bells.
  • An adjustable seat makes this machine comfortable for users of any body size or type.
  • This machine uses weight plates, not resistance bands that will lose their tension over time.
  • The BodyCraft XPress Pro comes with a nice list of accessories, so you don't have to go out and hunt equipment to perform gym-grade workout programs.
  • The durable weight plates on the XPress Pro are built to last a lifetime. Including the solid frame construction and strong pulley system, it isn't surprising this machine has a lifetime warranty.
  • Disadvantages

  • While the price is affordable compared to the more expensive home gym designs, the XPress Pro costs more than lower end models.
  • This machine does not offer the same diversity for lower body exercises as bigger machines do.
  • There is a leg press add on, but it has a substantial price tag just to do leg press exercises.
  • The BodyCraft XPress Pro is somewhat of a challenge to assemble. It takes two people minimum to put the machine together out of the box.
  • This is also a rather heavy machine, so you may need to add some protection underneath.
  • Final Thoughts

    You can find home gym machines that cost less, but as soon as you see them first hand you'll realize why. The BodyCraft XPress Pro looks solid and feels solid. It is a stable workout machine that will not wobble around the floor. It is sturdy, versatile and durable.

    If you're looking for a solid home gym that provides you the same exercise diversity of a fitness club, you should check out the BodyCraft XPress Pro Home Gym before you make a final decision. It's a durable machine at an affordable price.