A more expensive, high end level home gym.


Two stations provided. 150 lbs Weighted Stack Powered System. Option to upgrade to a Attachable Leg Press.





Galena Pro


500 lbs


72" x 58" x 81" 


Weighted Stack Home Gym System

This at-home gym equipment has multiple functions and is made to fit into the corner of a room. This means it takes a lot less room, making it perfect for small apartments or homes. It can work out a wide range of body parts, which makes it perfect for people who want to make their whole body fit.

What is the Galena Pro?

The Galena Pro Home Gym was made by BodyCraft in order for the user to be able to work out their whole body within their home. BodyCraft is a company that has produced a wide range of equipment for people to use in their very own home gym. They have perfected the art of creating something versatile that will not take up a lot of room or damaging the home.

This workout equipment works perfectly for someone who does full-body workouts with there being many options for working out different parts of the body. This machine is great for anyone who loves to workout, but it is also great for someone who is recovering from some kind of accident because it can work more parts of their body. While this machine does have some limitations to it, it also has a lot of great things about it that far outweigh the negatives and makes it worth the price.


The frame of this machine is made in order to be able to last for a very long time. It is made out of heavy gauge steel tubing that has been finished in an electrostatic powder coat of paint. It is made to be able to do well over 50 different types of exercises, which makes it great for a wide range of people.

It is made with a dual-function pec dec, which is made in order to provide dumbbell style flys and traditional flys. The traditional flys are made to perform by adding pressure against the elbows that are against the pads. The dumbbell flys, on the other hand, are made to perform by being able to simply grab the handles and wing them outward at chest height before being pressed forward.

There is a great range of motion adjustments that allow for rear deltoid flys. This also means the equipment can be used by a wide range of people no matter their size. There is also an optional attachment for working the legs.

The machine has a low pully station that allows for doing exercises such as leg kicks, low rows, arm curls, and deltoid raises among others. There is a press and pull station that has adjustable starting points. This allows for a person, no matter their size to be able to do exercises such as bench press, shoulder press, incline press, and mid-row. The back and seat of this section are adjustable as well.

To work the legs, there is the option of performing leg extensions and hamstring curls. In order to work out the chest, there are chest presses and chest flys. To work the back, there is the option of doing lat pulldowns, reverse flys, and standing rows. In order to work out the arms, there are triceps extensions, preacher curls, and standing curls. To work the shoulders, there is the option of doing delt raises. In order to work the abs, there are cable crunches.

This machine comes with a lifetime warranty, which makes the price a little higher. Even with the higher price, the warranty makes it well worth it. The warranty covers not only the different parts on the machine as well as the frames, which is uncommon for most home work out equipment. That does not mean it will work when the machine eventually wears down from years of use.

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There are some great things about this machine, such as being made to do over 50 different exercises. It is made with 2 seats, which means multiple stations for doing different exercises. There are three stations in total, and each of them does a wide selection of different exercises that are all similar to each other. It has a great warranty and a frame that is made to be able to tuck it away in the corner of a room, allowing for more space to be had for other machines or other uses.

The machine is also made to make using it easier without having to have a wide range of knowledge of exercising, which makes it great for people who are new to exercising. The weight resistance can be changed on this machine between the different exercises, and it allows for an extra 100 pounds to be added if needed in the long run. The best thing about this machine is the lifetime warranty that covers every aspect of the machine, including the frame.


One of the major drawbacks of this machine is that it only has a weight stack for the resistance of 200 pounds. The extra 100 pounds can only be added for the leg press exercise. This means the machine is not good for people that are experienced in exercising because it greatly limits the amount of weight to be used.

Another of the major drawbacks to this machine is that there are very few lower body exercises that can be performed on it. There is the option for basic extensions and curls but anything else. Now, there is an option to upgrade this machine to add lower body exercising options but it cost a lot of extra money that some may not be able to afford. The only other option is to buy a whole new piece of equipment, which definitely costs extra money that some can not afford easily.

​Final Thoughts

BodyCraft is an excellent company that creates great at-home exercise equipment. This is one of the best options for places that have little space because it is made to fit into a corner. It also has the option of doing over 50 different kinds of exercises. There are great options to work in different parts of the body though there are limited options for working the lower portion of the body.

While the price may seem like a lot, the warranty that comes with it makes up for it because of never having to worry if it breaks down. The size allows for there to be plenty of room for other pieces of equipment or to be able to use the room for other purposes.