Top 6 Best Readymade Deadlift Platforms For Home Gyms

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Strength training is seeing a bit of a renaissance. In particular, deadlifts provide one of the best full-body exercises an athlete can perfect. But people who are new to weightlifting should know that the movement isn’t as simple as picking something up and putting it down. It requires strength, a perfect form, and durable, strong equipment.

As a rule of thumb, lifters should not deadlift on regular flooring. When working with heavy weights, this can cause irreparable damage to the floor or ground. Plus, if you lift outside or on uneven ground, you may be hindering your strength gains and form development. If you want to truly invest in your experience as a lifter, a deadlift platform is the best purchase you can make.

The best deadlift platforms are designed to withstand heavy weights and years of use. People building out commercial and personal gyms should consider the deadlift platform to be an essential piece of equipment. Luckily, there are options available for all types of lifters – from the light and thrifty to the heavy and extravagant. Some come with band pegs, some need to be bolted to the floor, and some have a larger footprint than others. There is a wide range of options out there, and if you’re in the market for a deadlift platform, you’re sure to find something that works with your needs.


Each deadlift platform on this list had its own benefits and disadvantages. Here are some of the more important top-line observations for each product.

Not all deadlift platforms are created equal. Below, you’ll find detailed descriptions of our six favorite options. Available in a range of sizes, capacities, and prices, these six products illustrate the breadth of options in the deadlift platform market.

Our Top Choices

1. Rogue Deadlift Platform

   This easy-to-assemble platform makes it among the most beginner-friendly options.
    Customers can choose between several flooring options to customize the product to their own space.

2. Titan Deadlift Platform

   At just $499.99 and with multiple financing options, the Titan Fitness deadlift platform is the most affordable.
    With 8 modular rubber tiles, this is also among the most customizable deadlift platforms.

3. Vulcan Deadlift Platform

   With just 6 rubber tiles, the Vulcan Strength platform is the easiest to put together.
    At a mid-range price point and durable construction, this platform is a great option for experienced lifters.

4. Valor Fitness

  • The sleek Valor Fitness platform is among the best looking we’ve seen.
  • With both bamboo boards and rubber flooring, this option also has the best construction of the deadlift platforms on this list.

5. York Barbell

  • With over 800 verified reviews and a 5-star rating, the York Barbell platform is the crowd favorite.
  • Made of oak and finished with polyurethane, this is also among the most durable platforms available.

6. American Barbell

  • With a high-quality birch construction and a range of sizes, this is the best all-around deadlift platform.
  • American Barbell has a lifetime warranty, and while it does not cover the bar’s finish and coating, it has the best protection we’ve seen.

1. Rogue Deadlift Platform


This deadlift platform has a low price point and an easy-to-assemble construction, making it an excellent option for beginners. Measuring 8’ x 4’ and featuring a 2 x 2” 11-Gauge Steel frame, this platform also comes with a hardy construction designed to take a beating. 

Rogue also includes extra-long band pegs to work with a wider range of barbells, which is a crucial component for lifters just finding their stride. Floor clips are provided to secure each end of the platform to the ground. Additionally, there are several flooring options to accompany the platform, like rubber tiles and plywood. Customers can choose which option will best suit their space.

Unlike other deadlift platforms, this platform does not need to be bolted to the floor. This makes it a great option for home and garage gyms that might need the occasional reorganization. Finally, lifters looking for a nice aesthetic upgrade can request a custom-build wood insert set, which looks great and fits perfectly between the platform’s slats.

2. Titan Fitness Deadlift Platform


This is the most affordable deadlift platform on this list. Titan also has a variety of financing options for budget-minded lifters. Measuring 8’ x 4’, this platform is a standard size for your dedicated lifting space. Titan takes care to point out that the platform is designed to reduce the noise from dropping a loaded barbell, which makes this a great option for a basement or garage gym.

Customers can choose between purchasing only the frame, adding four rubber tiles, or adding eight rubber tiles. This allows them to tailor the purchase to their budgetary and spatial needs. Plus, the easy bolt-together design is easy to assemble. However, Titan is one of the only options on this list that does not include a warranty. While this might be great from a cost-perspective, it leads us to question the platform’s durability, especially for heavyweight lifters.

3. Vulcan Weightlifting Platform


Designed with safety in mind, this 8’ x 6’ platform is great for intermediate lifters. The platform is professionally constructed with unfinished by premium hardwood and includes a steel frame, 6 rubber tiles, an Ash wood insert, band pegs, and floor mounting hardware. The rubber tiles measure 30” x 30” and are around 1.5” thick.

The wood platform measures 8’ x 4’ and is also around 1.5” thick. Vulcan doesn’t provide many bells and whistles in the product’s description, and there aren’t currently any customer reviews. Some potential buyers might find this troubling. Still, with free shipping, professional construction, and military discounts, this might be the option that best suits your needs.

4. Valor Fitness PTFM-1


Great for garage, home, and commercial gyms, this Valor weightlifting platform has one of the most durable constructions we’ve seen. The platform is constructed with 16 individual 1.25” high-impact rubber floor mats. This aids in impact distribution, protecting the floor underneath and dampening noise.

With four bamboo-lined boards, which are designed to withstand heavyweight lifts, this is also one of the better-looking platforms we’ve seen. The bamboo serves a double purpose, providing a great look but firm footing for added safety. Keep in mind that, at 81.5” x 101”, this platform has the largest footprint of all the options on this list. The rubber mats and platform are enclosed in a metal frame, adding much-needed security. The product comes with a 1-year warranty, and customers have the option to add bumper plates and a detachable pad for added protection.

5. York Barbell


With over 800 reviews and a 5-star rating, this platform is a clear crowd favorite among the lifting community. This option is available in two sizes – 8’ x 6’ or 8’ x 8’. The red oak platform is finished with a polyurethane center and covered with rubber matting. In our view, this makes the platform one of the more durable options available. The platform comes standard with a 12-gauge steel frame, and insets are available in several options.

Additionally, the York STS Free Standing Platform does not need to be bolted to the floor, making it a good option for non-commercial gyms. The product comes with a 5-year warranty. Strength Warehouse is also one of the only providers to provide the option to return the item. If customers don’t love the function or look of this platform, they must initiate a return within 30 days of the product delivery.

6. American Barbell Floor Platform


A combination of construction, functionality, and customer protection makes this the best all-around deadlift platform we’ve seen. The platform is available in two sizes – a 6’ x 8’ economy model, which is built for light use, and a 8’ x 8’ option, which is built for the most heavy-duty lifting. Made of birch construction and thick rubber inserts, this is a durable, heavy-duty option designed to last for years.

Additionally, American Barbell includes one of the most customer-friendly warranties we’ve seen. The platform comes with a limited lifetime warranty and guarantees that the product will be free from manufacturer defects for ten years from the date of delivery. This platform is recommended for commercial gyms, schools, and heavy-use athletes, and the price point ability to add a custom logo reflects those applications. If you’re new to lifting, or don’t quite have the space to house a high-quality deadlift platform, consider one of the smaller, more affordable options before going all-in on this one.

Which Factors To Consider When Buying A Readymade Platform?

Whether you’re new to deadlifting or have never needed to purchase a platform, there are several factors to consider. You may be on a budget, or you may be shopping for performance. No matter how you plan to use your deadlifting platform, you’ll need to consider these seven buying factors before pulling out the credit card.


Budget will be the primary concern for most deadlift platform buyers. This equipment typically runs from around $300 to over $2,000. That said, we’ve found that the options in the above list have the best cost-to-durability ratio in the market. When it comes to exercise equipment, especially dumbbell platforms, quality is tied tightly to cost.

If you can only afford a $300 platform, know that it likely won’t include a warranty, and it will probably begin to degrade after a year of use. However, if you have the budget to spend $1,000+ on a platform, you’re going to receive a product that you can use for years to come. A deadlift platform is an investment in your fitness (or your commercial gym), so think long and hard about how much money you want to put into the purchase.

Bolted vs. Unbolted

Many deadlift platforms will specify whether they are “bolted” or “unbolted.” This characteristic refers to how they lie on the ground. More expensive and heavy-duty platforms will need to be bolted to the floor. This adds stability and durability while helping to prevent injury. Over time, a platform may migrate several inches with use. Bolting equipment to the floor prevents this migration.

An unbolted platform will likely have some other securing mechanism, like a metal frame. If you’re debating between bolted and unbolted options, think about your space. Do you want the ability to move the platform around? Do you have any issues around liability in case platform migration causes an injury? Ultimately, you should go with the option that is best, and safest, for your space.

Commercial or Personal Use

Some people shopping for deadlift platforms are looking for something to use at home, either in the garage, the basement, or a spare room. Others are looking to outfit a commercial gym. These buyers’ needs will be different in slight but crucial ways.

 A commercial gym owner will want to find a platform that can accommodate a wide range of abilities. By contrast, somebody buying for personal use may be content with a platform that suits their specific needs. Additionally, a commercial gym owner will be more comfortable spending more on quality, durability, and longevity.

Maximum Weight

Deadlift platforms are meant to soften the impact of dropping a weight on the floor. The material absorbs the shock, protecting the floor from the impact while simultaneously dampening the sound. However, a platform’s ability to perform will depend on the type and amount of weight used.

 In other words, if you plan to use very heavy weights for deadlifting, you’ll want to prioritize platforms with additional cushioning, like rubber padding. Most platforms include descriptive information on how much weight the material can withstand, which can help guide your buying process.

Durability and Longevity 

A deadlifting platform is only as useful as it is usable. If you’re deciding between options, think about the cost per use. If you’re buying a platform with a 10-year warranty, you’re investing in a more durable piece of equipment that will last for a long time.

As a result, the cost per use will be on the smaller side, meaning you’ll get more out of your investment. However, if you’re only looking for a starter deadlifting platform, you might be okay settling for a less durable but more affordable option.


Exercise equipment is notoriously difficult to assemble. Deadlifting platforms are no exception. Check on a product’s reviews, or review our above descriptions, to assess how easy it is to assemble. If you think you’ll need professional help, you should factor that cost into your budget.

Shipping and Returns

Shipping can add a significant cost to your deadlifting platform. Check your product’s description to see if shipping is covered. In the same vein, it’s a good idea to check out a company’s return policy before making a purchase.

In most cases, returns are granted within 30 days of delivery, but the customer is responsible for the cost of shipping. Many of these products weigh upwards of 400 pounds, which means that shipping cost will be significant.


Aesthetic is a small but crucial piece of the deadlifting platform puzzle. If you’re going to spend money on a piece of equipment, it should look good in your space. We recommend paying attention to the size and types of wood used in various constructions.

Keep in mind that some platforms allow for aesthetic customization. This may be of particular interest to commercial gym owners and schools who want to include a logo or mascot.

Any Other things to Consider

Folks shopping for a deadlifting platform might be asking themselves: Do I really need this piece of specialized equipment? It’s a valid question, especially for lifters who are new to the sport. However, we find that there are several essential benefits when it comes to investing in a deadlifting platform.

Saves A Lot Of Space

  • These platforms provide a protected area for athletes to drop their barbells to the ground. The barrier will protect the floor and the weights themselves, lengthening the lives of both.
  • A deadlifting platform can be used to secure a squat rack. These racks need to be secured and stabilized. A deadlifting platform with a large footprint can provide the space needed to bolt down a squat rack, adding necessary safety and support.
  • Deadlifting platforms help athletes build good habits around weightlifting. Providing a dedicated space can help newer lifters hone technique.
  • If you’re a competitive lifter – either Olympic or powerlifting – you should practice how you will compete. The better you are able to replicate the conditions in which you’ll be competing, the more prepared you’ll be when contest day rolls around. For all professional and amateur lifting competitions, that includes getting some type of platform.
  • Deadlifting platforms dampen the noise of weights hitting the ground. If you live in a city, or if you want to reduce the noise inside your professional gym, this is likely an important concern.
  • Lots of lifters consider building their own deadlifting platforms. While this is very possible to do, it’s not for everybody. For most lifters, a pre-made platform is worth the cost. The purchase comes with a quality guarantee and a lot of research and development. However, if you’re good with your hands, have some patience, and can source high-quality materials, you might consider building your own. However, we caution against commercial gym owners going this route. If a do-it-yourself platform malfunctions while a member is using it, you could be held liable for the injuries that may occur.
  • FAQs

    Should I bolt my deadlift platform to the floor?

    One of the most important questions lifters should ask concerns how the deadlifting platform secures to the floor. Each platform will come with its own instructions and specifications when it comes to security. You’ll notice that some options will be bolted, while others have other security measures, like metal enclosures.

    When figuring out what’s best for you, consider where and how you plan to use the platform. If you do not plan to move your platform much, a bolted version is likely the safest option. Additionally, moving heavy weights around can shift a platform away from its original spot if it is not secured. This could lead to injury, which can be a liability for commercial gym owners.

    So, if you own a commercial gym, or if you plan to keep your platform in the same spot for a long time, a bolted platform is the safest and most secure. However, if you prefer a more modular and flexible option, and you don’t mind checking occasionally to ensure the platform is still secured, an unbolted option should be just fine.

    How big should my deadlift platform be?

    Most deadlift platforms are available in standardized size options, but new or intermediate lifters might not know which is best for them. We recommend assessing your space and needs when choosing a size.

     If your home gym only has the room for an 8’ x 6’ footprint, that’s the option you should choose. In fact, most gym owners prefer smaller sizes to help with spacing issues. However, if you’re training for a particular event, or if you want to offer that option to your commercial gym users, competition regulations can be a great starting point.

    The IPF (International Powerlifting Federation) requires powerlifting platforms to be at least 8.2’ x 8.2’, and the IWF (International Weightlifting Federation) requires a minimum platform size of 13’ x 13’.


    People get into lifting for a variety of reasons, but everybody looking for a deadlifting platform is working toward the same goal: To provide a safer, more effective, and dedicated space for lifting.

    A deadlift platform can transform lifting from a simple hobby into a more devoted and committed endeavor. There will always be other ways to achieve strength and muscle gains, like taking regular rest days, eating high-protein foods like chicken and salmon, and adding cardio to a training program. But, for those looking to get serious about a lifting regimen, no matter their experience, a deadlift platform is the best-possible purchase.

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