Best Home Gym For Seniors

Too many seniors who are between the ages of 65 and 74 think that they are too old, sick, out-of-shape, or tired to exercise regularly. They don’t know how wrong they are. According to Chhanda Dutta, Ph.D., chief of the Clinical Gerontology Branch at the National Institute on Aging, there are many reasons a person should exercise at any age.

Dr. Chhanda Dutta argues exercise will prevent you from losing bone and also make you stronger. It can improve both your balance and coordination. Not only does it lift your mood, but it also gives your memory a boost. Anyone suffering from a chronic condition can also ease their symptoms with exercise.

The need for an older adult to exercise makes it obvious that we need a home gym. However, the challenge we must meet is to purchase the best equipment for our home gym. Let’s consider what equipment is currently on the market within our budget.

Bowflex PR1000

The 25 strength exercises and its rowing station that is built-in of the Bowflex PR1000 is designed to both strengthen your muscles and give you some cardio training as well.

The features, pros, and cons of the Bowflex PR1000 include:
• Power Rod resistance of over 200 lb.
• Pro - You can increase the effectiveness of many of your exercises by changing the angle of resistance using its multiple cable pulley position that allows you to.
• Pro - Its vertical folding bench makes it easy for you to maximize your gym space.
• Pro - The vertical bench press has both an incline and flat adjustment. It can also be converted by you to a rolling seat to be used for aerobic rowing.
• Pro - Your smart device can always be handy since it can be held by its integrated media rack.
• Con – It is a resistance machine and it isn’t a weight building one.
• Con – The exercise weight is not heavy enough for bodybuilding.

This home gym is currently rated with 4.5 stars out of 5 by 103 Amazon customers.

Total Gym XLS

Wouldn’t you like to get fit and stay in shape? Sure, you would. Well, you can easily do it with a Total Gym XLS. The Total Gym XLS is endorsed by Christie Brinkley and Chuck Norris for many reasons. It is a program of total fitness and workouts that includes all the workout tools you will need. The Total Gym XLS eliminates the guesswork of whether you’re getting into shape. This is a top-of-the-line gym since it boasts to be one of the highest quality home gyms on the market today.

The Total Gym XLS features, pros, and cons include the following:
•Pro – Cardio, stretching, and strength are all possible with the exercise capability of 80 exercises that target all your muscle groups.•Pro – This exercise machine offers a new and upgraded pulley and cable system, additional comfortable padding on it glide board, and a squat stand that is improved.
•Pro – The accessories of this device will add a new dimension to your workout that include a leg pull to work your hamstrings, quads, and several other muscles.
•Pro – Accessories also include nylon strap handles that are flexible. You can tone both your arm and back muscles with its wing attachment.
•Pro – No matter what your body type is, you can work on your stability and strength since its accessories and glide board will allow you to support up to 400 pounds.
•Con – One customer reported receiving a defective Total Gym XLS. The frame tracks of the machine were assembled incorrectly. The bolts were impossible to remove in order to reassemble the machine.
•Con – If you should receive a defective Total Gym XLS, the company will not replace it.

This home gym is currently rated with 4.5 stars out of 5 by 407 Amazon customers.

Marcy 150-lb. Stack

You can both increase your muscle mass and burn calories by performing over 30 strength training exercises with your Marcy 150-lb. Stack Home Gym. This home gym is built to last and will make your resistance training highly enjoyable.

The Marcy 150-lb. Stack Home Gym features, pros, and cons:
•Pro - Both vertical butterfly and chest press exercises can be done due to this exercise machine’s dual action press arms.
•Pro – You can be comfortable when performing chest and pec fly exercises since the machine’s press arms are padded with oversized foam rubber.
•Pro – The exercise machine’s upper pulley allows you to perform ab crunches and target your core.
•Pro – You can do resistance training safely due to the machine’s weight stack being selectorized and you, therefore, don't need to load and unload its weight plates. Unauthorized usage is also prevented by its safety lock.
•Pro – The machine’s total leg developer will allow you to work your muscles on your lower body. Your workout is also comfortable since the machine has foam roller pads.
•Pro – Isolated bicep exercises are possible due to the machine’s preacher curl bicep pad being both adjustable and removable.
•Con – You can’ add additional weights to this gym.
•Con – This home gym doesn’t have a short curling bar. It does include a curling pad, but without the bar the curling pad is useless.

This home gym is currently rated with 4.0 stars out of 5 by 212 Amazon customers.

Weider Home Gym

The Weider Home Gym is a nifty and versatile exercise system that offers you over 50 exercises designed to shape and define your calves, thighs, abs, hips, back, shoulders, and arms.

The Weider Home Gym features, pros, and cons:
Pro - This home gym has 4 adjustable power bands that
• Are durable resistance bands.
• Allow you to increase the weight resistance of the gym to more than your body weight.
• Give you additional resistance up to 50 lbs.
Pro – You can easily and quickly store this home gym since it has convenient slide-away technology and a space-saving design.
Pro – With the home gym, you will receive a workout guide that explains how each exercise should be performed for each specific muscle group. It will also suggest additional exercises.
Pro – This home gym has a body weight resistance system that offers many exercises to turn your body weight into resistance. Pro – A bigger variety of exercises are made possible with this home gym’s cable and pulley system that gives you both a greater range of motion and greater versatility. It also allows a greater variety of exercises that will not only increase flexibility but also strengthen your muscles.
Pro – The incline of this home gym is adjustable making it easy to decrease or increase your workout’s intensity and at the same time giving you as many as seven incline options that are very easy to change.
Pro - This home gym is made of steel tubing that is durable enough to last for years.
Pro – You will receive a workout guide with this home gym and it requires only a minimal assembly.
Pro – Weider has been manufacturing strength training machines for more than 25 years. Besides publishing the Muscle and Fitness Magazine, they have also been the trainer for Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Con – The height adjustment of this home gym isn’t as good as the Total Gym.
Con – Since it uses a pulley on its side, it might be more difficult for you to adjust it.

This home gym is currently rated with 4.4 stars out of 5 by 1,312 Amazon customers.

Bowflex Xceed Home Gym

With the Bowflex Xceed home gym, you will be able to perform over 65 exercises in a small space. This home gym is designed for strength training. It has a squat station, a lat tower, bench press, and leg attachment.

The features, pros, and cons of the Bowflex Xceed Home Gym:
Pro – You can do over 65 full body workouts with this home gym. The gym’s workouts include ones for shoulders, chest, arms, back, legs, and abs.
Pro – The standard 210 lb. resistance of the Power Rod can be upgraded to 310 lb. or 410 lb.
Pro – The seat of this home gym is padded with polyurethane high-density foam cushion and is also adjustable, quick release.
Pro – The pulley system of this home gym is a multiple cable one and its pulley positions make custom workouts possible.
Pro – The accessories of this home gym include an Ab training strap, lat bar, and a squat bar.
Pro – Since this home gym is constructed with heavy-duty steel, you can be sure it will retain its shape and give you long-lasting protection as well.
Con – A power rod rejuvenator is not included with this home gym.
Con – The instructions of how to do the exercises in the booklet included with this home gym is difficult to use.

This home gym is currently rated with 4.5 stars out of 5 by 38 Amazon customers. 


Hopefully, the above information about each of the above home gyms will help you to select the best one for you. As a senior or an adult older in age, you should be able to select a home gym that will provide you with the equipment to best meet your needs.