Are Home Multi Gyms Any Good?

Home multi gyms may seem like the answer to all your gym issues. Not only is the equipment at home so it’s easy to access, but you can get a total body workout from just one piece of equipment. But are home multi gyms any good?

Home multi gyms can work for people who are beginners or experts at working out. The right machine can allow for a variety of exercises to help you achieve your fitness goals in the convenience of your own home.

I’ll take you through the positives and negatives of a home gym as well as some important things to be aware of. We’ll look at the reasons why multi gyms became popular and what you can do to make sure you get the best workout possible out of your equipment.

What Is A Multi Gym?

A multi gym is several gym machines that are combined into a single machine. The benefit of these machines is that they give you the ability to perform many different exercises without the need for so many specialized pieces of equipment.

The downsides are that these machines are large, cannot be moved, and you can expect to be spending a lot of money on something like a multi gym.

You should expect to be able to perform several exercises that work different parts of the body in a multi gym. This should mean that you can get a full body workout done on most configurations of home multi gyms.

What Is Good About A Home Multi Gym?

Building your own gym is a great idea but is not as easy as you may think, which is why multi gyms can be useful.

To effectively exercise and stay healthy, you have to figure out your personal fitness goals and consider your plan to get to the goal. Given the huge range of workout equipment but also the huge amount of bad information, you may find accomplishing this is not so easy.

You will have to research all the equipment to find the right one let alone purchase it and get it all together. Building your own home gym if you already workout is likely to be a lot easier than if you were to jump straight in without that experience.

Space saving is one of the biggest draws of a multi gym. Equipment designed for home use as opposed to commercial gym use will likely fit in very small areas. This is because they are specifically designed to be as compact as possible.

You may find that purchasing that one good multi gym can save a lot of money. Having to find, purchase, and transport several pieces of gym equipment to your residence can get expensive very quickly.

Home gyms of course offer a more convenient option to exercise that doesn’t require a commute, monthly fees, or a big time commitment.

If you’re concerned or embarrassed about working out in front of people, home gyms are a great option! However it is also important to realize that this is all in your head.

As a regular gym goer myself, I would never make any comments about someone being obviously new to working out. I always think it’s great that people are exercising and wouldn’t ever want them to stop, as it’s been very important to my own physical and mental health.

If you have certain goals around your body, being able to quickly grab the necessary foods will also go a long way to achieving this. If you’re trying to drive to the gym before work, you may end up grabbing some fast food or not eating at all, negating your work in the gym.  

As you get to work out from the comfort of your own home, you can also better achieve your goals by not missing workouts and eating properly.

Motivation is one of the hardest things to maintain. A home gym is great because it is a visible reminder that you should do some exercise.

A multi gym in your house takes away so many excuses that you could normally use to avoid a workout, such as lack of time, the gym is closed or a myriad of others.

You may even increase your total hours of exercise as you can now fit in more gym time.

What Is Bad About A Home Multi Gym?

The term multi gym refers to a huge range of machines, some of which are significantly worse than the others.

The price is not always the best indicator of the quality of something, and seeing that gym equipment is solid and made of metal, you should expect to be paying a lot even for small pieces of equipment.

Multi gyms can also not give you the variety that you need for an overall workout. Some multi gyms, for example, are just a glorified bench press with an afterthought piece added, like a leg curl extension.

The lack of variety generally comes from the multi gym’s lack of customization. To get all the parts working together, a multi gym has to compromise on certain aspects like freedom of movement with all the weights and pulleys.

On top of this, the weight plates or stacks are generally going to be the heaviest part of a multi gym. This means that suppliers will offer multi gyms with limited weights to not only lower the cost of production but also the retail price. 

This can mean your multi gym quickly becomes useless as you get stronger.

You must be vigilant when buying gym equipment to not fall for these types of tricks. You may also find that you quickly outgrow your multi-gym and adding more resistance or weight may not be possible depending on the configuration.

Another issue can be that if your multi gym has a piece missing or breaks, you could be left with a very expensive repair bill or a large piece of equipment that cannot be used for anything.

The chances of this happening go down if you get reputable brands but are never completely avoidable.

You should take note of possible single points of failure, for example, if there is a weight stack that several pieces of equipment all depend on if the cable snaps you could be left with not much of a workout.

Things To Know About A Home Multi Gym

Buying any kind of home workout equipment must be viewed as an investment. There is a large initial outlay and you’re likely going to suffer from buyer’s remorse. This can lead to a feeling of resentment which means you don’t work out.

The more you don’t work out, the harder it is to make that first step back into the next workout. These feelings of resentment build until you sell the equipment in the “as new” condition a few months later.

To avoid this outcome, you want to change your mindset about how you will think about your multi gym.

Instead, consider what your workout goals are in terms of months and years. Understand that if you use your equipment over these months and years consistently, you’ll get the results.

Considering the cost of the multi gym in this context will shift your thinking. You should begin to realize that the initial purchase price is just like a monthly fee that is being charged upfront in full.

If you switch from a commercial gym into your multi gym, those membership fees are now just funding the multi-gym. A quick calculation shows that at $50 a month for gym fees, you could in effect have $600 a year to splash on a multi gym.

The true cost of your home gym almost must consider the lifespan of the equipment. Gym equipment has to be solid to deal with just regular use. The use of metal, welding, and bolts means that gym equipment is durable, especially when compared to other goods.

Proper care and maintenance could see your multi gym last for years if not decades. The usage patterns and lifespan of a multi gym means you get benefits over time that justify the big initial outlay.

What Exercises To Do On A Multi Gym?

Your fitness goals should make it clear what exercises you need to do. Generally, you will want to be incorporating compound lifts into any workout. Compound lifts involve multiple muscle groups, famous examples being the deadlift, squat, and bench press.

As these compound lifts will benefit any person regardless of size or fitness, you should look for multi gyms that allow them. Lots of bells and whistles on a multi gym is not necessarily a sign that it’s good. 

The tip is to look for multi gyms that allow a variety of quality workouts rather than quantity.

Are Home Multi Gyms Only For Beginners?

Multi gyms do have a reputation that they’re only for beginners but this is not the case anymore.

Multi gyms for the home have improved dramatically meaning that even advanced lifters can get a lot out of one. Awareness around health and fitness has risen consistently for many decades, with the result that knowledge about and demand for quality equipment is high.

One of the most difficult things for a manufacturer of home gyms equipment is getting it to their customers. This was particularly hard before the internet.

However the sophistication of today’s delivery networks as well as suppliers means quality, versatile equipment is at the click of a button. Consumers have shown a willingness to pay for such equipment when it can be seen directly tied to bettering their health.

All of this means that you can get equipment that has a range of weights and flexibility to suit your level. One way is that certain multi gyms will use bands, gravity, and your own bodyweight to provide the resistance.

Innovations in design and layout mean that the machine will in effect grow with you. The manufacturers will demonstrate the many functions of the machine as a selling point and others may make a video showing a way to use a multi gym effectively.

Being creative and looking out for these methods will help you get the most out of your own multi gym. This can mean you can progress your goals be they weight loss, muscle gain, or general health all on the same machine.

Another aspect to be aware of is that a commercial gym is outfitted by a professional. Gym owners and franchises spend a lot of time and money getting the help of experts to get all the equipment they need in a setup that appeals to their members.

You can recreate this in your own home by doing more research. Find out if there are any workout programs that can be mostly achieved by your multi gym. Measure your home gym space and look for equipment that makes maximum use of what you have.

To ensure that you get a multi gym that will be suited to your needs, look for ones that use gravity or your bodyweight as part of the resistance.

Good examples include multi gyms with chin-up bars, or resistance band hooks to allow for those types of exercises at your multi gym. Manufacturers also often will sell kits that allow you to upgrade your multi gym, for example with more weight.

If your only option is DIY to improve your multi gym, keep in mind safety is paramount. Equipment has been tested at certain weights and configurations, and if you try to change these balances you may cause serious damage or injury.

On top of that, your warranty likely won’t cover you once you make any type of alteration like this. If you’ve really outgrown your multi gym, there’s always the option to sell and upgrade. The second hand market for fitness equipment is solid and you should get a good deal.

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